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Us and the Game Industry showcases some of the unique thinkers in indy development

Us and the Game Industry follows three years of research and conversations with developers who were either starting or completing games in 2012. Director Stephanie Beth delves into the world of independent game making, and how developers are reinventing the medium of game design to create experiences far different from that of the ‘establishment’.

LA-based thatgamecompany is one of the development studios featured in the movie. Beth speaks with CEO and Creative Director Jenova Chen, as well as other members of the development team, throughout the three year production of Journey.

Also showcased is sole developer Jason Rohrer, creator of titles like Sleep is Death, and Inside a Star Filled Sky, and Daniel Cook, the Chief Creative Officer at Spry Fox.

Us and the Industry has a Kickstarter campaign going if you’d like to chip in a few bucks to help this movie reach theaters.

For more information on the documentary, or on Stephanie Beth and the developers featured in the film, visit the film’s website.

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