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MS @ E3 11: Kinect Fun Labs launches today with new features

Game designer and Kinect head honcho Kudo Tsunoda just revealed Kinect Fun Labs at Microsoft’s Press conference, a permanent addition to the Xbox Dashboard that brings an array of new ways to interact with your Xbox 360 Kinect. One feature shown off as body scanning, which instantly created an avatar out of a person’s real features. Second was finger tracking, which the presenter used to take a 3D picture of himself, then draw lighting effects both in front of and behind his image, which he could then view in 3D. Finally, they showed off one of Kinect’s most talked about features since launch – object scanning. The presenter was able to scan a plush toy onto the screen with Kinect, then jump around and lean from side to side as a fully animated version of that object.

It’s all pretty interesting and hopefully will lead to more innovative features on the platform. Kinect Fun Labs is available today, right now, on Xbox Live.

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