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Knight Squad Review: Bomberman Goes Medieval


Let me tell you a story…

It’s 1993. You dust off an old Gauntlet cartridge and proceed to spend a few weeks marvelling at its overhead style and bashing monsters with your big barbarian’s sword. After that, someone hands you a copy of Super Bomberman and a Super Multitap, a small plastic brick with four controller ports. Gathering together three of your buddies, you blow each other up with bombs while laughing yourselves silly.

Now jump back to the present. Chainsawesome’s Knight Squad, which was released earlier this week on the PC and Xbox One, perfectly fuses those two games into a medieval-themed party game that drops up to eight players into its single-screen arena at the same time.

If it had been released in 1993, Knight Squad would have gone down as one of gaming’s classics. It doesn’t have the same impact 22 years later, but it’s still a ridiculously enjoyable romp. (more…)

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Xbox Store Today: Star Wars Battlefront, Knight Squad, Game of Thrones Episode 6, more


The Xbox Games Store jumps to lightspeed this week as Star Wars: Battlefront is now available to download for the Xbox One. Like a good blaster at your side, EA and DICE have brought the franchise, and its signature slate of online multiplayer battles, back for a new generation of players.

But a very different order of knights took up residence on the Xbox Games Store earlier this week. Chainsawesome Games released Knight Squad, an overhead arena battler that bears more than a passing resemblance to Gauntlet and Bomberman. If that sounds like your kind of thing, I’ve got good news, Microsoft has inducted Knight Squad into the Games With Gold program and its a free download for the next four weeks.

Continuing on with our knightly theme, Telltale Games has launched the finale of their Game of Thrones adaptation for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Episode 6: The Ice Dragon forces House Forrester into the events surrounding the War of the Five Kings and they’ll have to survive “a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge, intrigue, and horror” to make it out alive.

Finally this week, Deadpool is no knight in shining armor, but his Xbox 360 game from 2013 has been re-released on the Xbox One.

More information on all of these games (and a few other new releases) can be found after the break. (more…)

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Knight Squad, a Gauntlet/Bomberman hybrid, will be released on November 16

Chainsawesome Games has announced that Knight Squad, their two-to-eight-player party game that combines elements from Gauntlet and Bomberman, will be released for the PC and Xbox One on November 16. Xbox One owners will even be able to pick it up for free at launch as part of Microsoft’s Games With Gold program.

Players will compete in nine different game modes ranging from free-for-all deathmatches to capture the flag to playing soccer with a giant ball. But whichever mode is selected, all combatants will get the chance to wield a wide range of medieval weaponry as well as a few more modern implements (laser pistols, machine guns, etc). Knight Squad will also include a single-player Challenge Mode.

Best of all… if you previously purchased through Steam’s Early Access program, you’ll receive the Extra Chivalrous pack at launch. The Extra Chivalrous pack will include four new game modes (“Prison Break,” “Arms Race,” “Soul Hunter,” and “Serial Killer”) and three additional Knights.

Still not convinced? Check out the launch trailer above and you will be.

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Interview: Crossing Swords in Knight Squad with Chainsawesome’s Jean Simon Otis


We played a ton of Knight Squad at PAX East. Read our Hands-On Preview here.

Every year at PAX East, there’s always one game that attendees begin to whisper about as they’re chatting with strangers while waiting in one of the many lines. This year, that game was Knight Squad from Chainsawesome Games. All weekend long, crowds were pushed towards their little booth to play their eight-player game that very closely resembles the love child of Gauntlet and Bomberman. This left the developers, including Lead Programmer Jean Simon Otis, completely exhausted, but also excited.

Both feelings were very present when we sat down to talk with Otis at the show. (more…)

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Knight Squad Hands-On Preview: (Gauntlet + Bomberman) x Knights = Awesome


Cramming eight people around the television set in my living room for a night of gaming seems like the worst idea of all time. For one, I’ve only got enough couch space for about four-and-a-half people, so an unlucky few would be regulated to the floor. I guess they could ask my beast of a dog to share her floor pillow, but she’s a drooler and a licker. That’s bad, though most of my sympathies would lie with the poor sucker who has to wedge himself in the fireplace. But you know what, having a full complement of players for Knight Squad might make it worth it. (more…)

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The PAXpocalypse List: The Best of PAX East 2015


Most of the big publishers chose to skip the 2015 edition of PAX East and even those that did attend (like Nintendo and Microsoft) kept their most anticipated projects home. But that didn’t stop a wide variety of indie developers from setting up shop in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to wow the assembled masses. These developers set the tone for this year’s expo, which featured a heavy focus on games that attempted to reinterpret classic gameplay concepts for a new generation of players. And the crazy thing is that many of the developers hyping these games looked like they would have been in diapers the first time I fired up an SNES.

It was a welcome sight with the rest of the industry pivoting away from those types of games and towards a competition to see who can push the most polygons. So if you were a fan of gaming in the NES, Super NES, and Genesis days, this PAXpocalypse List is for you. Because these are the games we would have played over and over again if some horrible snow storm had trapped us inside the convention center beyond the last day of the expo. (more…)

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