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Lost In Shadow Review: Not As Solid As I’d Hoped

Lost In Shadow was released last week by Hudson Entertainment to a lousy critical reception. My initial reaction was surprise – I’d played a few hours of the game and so far, I really loved it. But as I continued on, I started to see many of the problems mentioned by other reviewers, and even found a few reasons of my own to be frustrated by the unnecessarily prolonged experience that is Lost In Shadow. (more…)

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New Releases: Lost In Shadow, More

Welcome to 2011! The new year starts off a bit slowly when it comes to new releases, but one notable game will make its way to store shelves this week.

Konami’s Lost In Shadow (Wii), a puzzle platformer where players control a shadow’s climb up a tower, finally makes its way to America this week. Lost In Shadow has been a highlight of every industry showcase its appeared at, so let’s hope the finished product lives up to the hype.

The rest of this week’s new releases are pretty slim, but they can be found below.




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