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Capcom has no plans to bring EX Troopers to North America or Europe

Capcom’s Lost Planet spin-off for the 3DS, EX Troopers, is scheduled for release in the company’s native Japan on November 22nd. However, according to Capcom USA Senior Vice President Christian Svensson, there are so far no plans afoot to release the game in western territories. It is worth noting that he was commenting on current plans, and did not rule out a release in the future, offering fans of the series a sliver of hope. It seems an odd move, given that Capcom trademarked the title for both the US and European markets back in 2011.

The new game marks a conscious shift away from the gritty graphics of the main franchise, offering cel-shaded, manga-style artwork as it pits the players as Bren Turner, a young recruit at an EDN III Academy, who must battle the alien Akrid and Snow Pirates alike.

[Source: Joystiq]

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Lost Planet: EX Troopers announced for 3DS, PS3

Despite only recently being announced, EX Troopers, a spinoff to Capcom’s Lost Planet series, will be playable at the company’s Summer Jam event in Tokyo at the end of June. Currently 60% finished, the game features a new cel-shaded, anime-inspired look to separate it from its predecessors.

The game will take place at an Academy for Snow Pirates as they square off against the Starship Troopers-esque Akrid aliens on the planet of EDN-3rd. The main character will be that of Bren Turner, having arrived at the academy from EDN-2nd. Bren will be supported by an AI-enhanced Vital Suit codenamed Gingira, as well as a sexy female snow pirate named TeeKee, who has the mysterious ability to communicate with the monstrous Akrid.

The biggest surprise about the game, being produced by Shintaro Kojima of the Monster Hunter series, is that it will be released for both the PlayStation 3 and 3DS. At first this appears an unusual pairing, given that the Vita exists, however poor sales of Sony’s handheld in Capcom’s native Japan may be the predominant factor behind the 3DS version. It’s also possible the PS3 version is being prepared as a PlayStation Network release.

No word on if the game will make it to America, nor are there any gameplay details yet.

[Source: Andriasang]

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