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Mad Max gameplay trailer asks “What is the Soul of a Man?”

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios have released the first gameplay trailer for their game adaptation of Mad Max. If you look real close, you can certainly see a few moments of pure gameplay, but the trailer is just as heavy with cinematic cutscenes and views of the ominous Wasteland. Still pretty impressive, though.

Mad Max is due out sometime in 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Mad Max WILL have an Australian accent in Mad Max game


A Mad Max game has been known to be in development for a few years now and it’s appearance at E3 2013 was a bit of a surprise, to say the least. But the announcement wasn’t half as shocking as the news that Max would speak with an American accent in the game.

After the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Internet that this kind of thing produces, Avalanche’s Chief Creative Officer, Christofer Sundberg, has confirmed that Mad Max’s Aussie twang will be included in the game:

Well that’s just ace, mate! The next tallie of amber fluid is on me!***

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We do need another hero… watch the trailer for the Mad Max game


“Two men enter, one man leaves.”

It’s not much of a stretch to say that this year’s E3 Expo resembles the gladiatorial arena of Thunderdome from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. So it’s only fitting that WB Games and Avalanche Studios (the creators of Just Cause) have come together to announce a Mad Max game.

Set for release in 2014, the game is in development for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One. Like the films, Max will wander “The Wasteland” searching for gas and undertaking “treacherous missions” to scavenge supplies to build “the ultimate combat vehicle.”

It’s unknown if the Mad Max game will be connected to Mad Max: Fury Road, the next film in the series, in any way. But don’t walk away before you watch the game’s debut trailer, which can be found after the break. (more…)

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Sony @ E3 13: Mad Max game announced for PS4


A very gritty trailer for a new Mad Max game for the PS4 was shown during Sony’s conference today. Not much was shown, but I’m sure we can expect open-world, Borderlands-esque gameplay.

The game will be developed by Avalanche Studios, confirming rumors that we’ve been hearing for quite a while now.

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Team Bondi to develop Mad Max: Fury Road game, Whore of the Orient

It looks like the staff of Team Bondi won’t be able to escape their former “brutal” boss. Brendan McNamara, the controversial studio head who forced his team to work a “perpetual crunch time,” has been hired by George Miller’s KMM Interactive, the same studio that hired most of the former Team Bondi team members.

And the newly expanded KMM Interactive already has two ambitious projects on their plate. First up, they’ll be developing a game adaptation of Mad Max: Fury Road. Miller has been trying to get the movie (and the game) off the ground for over a decade, but it looks like shooting will finally begin next year. Warner Brothers is helping to produce the film and their interactive division, WB Games, will publish the game adaptation.

KMM Interactive also secured the rights to McNamara’s next project, Whore of the Orient. No details about the game were revealed (though we do know “Whore of the Orient” is a nickname for the city of Shanghai), but McNamara told Eurogamer that “It’s one of the great untold stories of the twentieth century.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t cause another group of developers to go crazy to tell it.

[Source: The Australian Financial Review]

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