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Mages of Mystralia will cast a spell on the PS4 (and maybe the Xbox One) in Spring 2017

Earlier this week Borealys Games announced their upcoming action RPG, Mages of Mystralia, will also be released for the PS4 in Spring 2017. Already in development for the PC, the announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog, along with the release of a new trailer and a bit more information about the game’s backstory:

To feel powerful and wise, you must first know what it’s like to be weak and unwise. In Mages of Mystralia, you play as Zia, a young girl who discovers one day that she has the gift of magic. In the Mystralia universe, magic is known to exist, but it is rare — and illegal. Zia goes into exile on a quest to learn the ways of magic and master her skills. Along the way, she discovers runes which can be combined in different ways to create new spells.

Mages of Mystralia’s spellcasting is said to give players “potentially millions of ways” to craft new spells, and PS4 fans will get the chance to test out a demo of the game’s magic system next month at the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim.

Dan Adelman, Mages of Mystralia’s PR Guru, also revealed that Borealys is in discussions with Microsoft to bring the game to the Xbox One. While Adelman didn’t have anything official to announce just yet, he said on Twitter that the talks have produced “positive vibes all around.”

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