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Mario Sports Superstars will be released for the 3DS on March 24

Even though the Switch’s March 3rd launch is right around the corner, Nintendo has no plans to forget about the 3DS in 2017. The consolemaker announced today that Mario Sports Superstars, the next sports compilation featuring the plumber and his pals, will be released for the 3DS on March 24.

The action-packed game launches on March 24 and offers five full-featured sports like Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball and, for the first time in a Mario sports game, Horse Racing. Each sport stars Mario and his friends (and enemies!) from the Mushroom Kingdom and can be played in local or online multiplayer modes.

Nintendo also revealed that a new series of Amiibo Cards will be released alongside Super Mario Superstars. The randomly-sorted five-card packs will retail for $4.99, and each copy of the game will include one Amiibo Card packed in.

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Mario Sports Superstars takes up baseball, golf, tennis, horse racing, soccer on the 3DS in Spring 2017

Labor Day is the unofficial end of Summer, so today might be your last chance to wolf down some barbecue or choose sides for a friendly baseball game. Thankfully, it’s always Summer for Mario and friends, and they’re getting ready to take up baseball, golf, tennis, horse racing, and soccer in Mario Sports Superstars.

Set to be released for the 3DS in Spring 2017, Mario Sports Superstars will include a single-player Tournament Mode for all five sports, along with local and online multiplayer play. Its first trailer, which debuted during last week’s Nintendo Direct presentation, has been embedded above.

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