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Xbox Store Today: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Batman Enemy Within, Sine Mora EX, more

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for your midweek Xbox Games Store update.

Four new Xbox One games were added to the digital storefront today, including Capcom’s Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Packaging together Mega Man 7, 8, 9, and 10 into a single bundle, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 also includes a Challenge Mode with remixed stages, an Armor Mode for easier play, and a Museum Mode with concept art and audio tracks.

Also available to download today is Batman: The Enemy Within, Telltale’s latest adventure starring the Caped Crusader. Players will once again be able to play as Batman and Bruce Wayne, and they’ll go up against the The Riddler and an emergent Joker in Episode 1: The Enigma.

Elsewhere on the Xbox Games Store today is Sine Mora EX, an enhanced re-release of the Grasshopper Manufacture’s bizarre side-scrolling shooter; and Blackhole: Complete Edition, a survival platformer from FiolaSoft Studio.

You can learn more about all of these games after the break. (more…)

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PS Store This Week: Hellblade, Telltale’s Batman The Enemy Within, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, more

Big-budget retail releases may have dried up for the Summer, but there’s a ton of new titles to download this week on the PlayStation Store…

First up is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, an “Indie AAA” from Ninja Theory. The team behind DMC: Devil May Cry and Heavenly Sword is back with a new third-action game for the PS4 about “a warrior’s brutal journey into myth and madness.” The developer worked alongside neuroscientists to accurately portray the mental state of the protagonist and added a unique bit of quasi-permadeath to Hellblade’s save system.

Also available to download this week is the first episode of Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within. The Riddler is terrorizing Gotham City in the PS4 sequel, and Batman also has to deal with an appearance by Amanda Waller and the emergence of The Joker. And speaking of return appearances, Cliff Bleszinski returns to game development with LawBreakers, a new hero shooter for the PS4.

Finally this week, a trio of side-scrolling shooters will make the PlayStation Store a retro-tastic place to shop. Capcom has compiled Mega Man 7, 8, 9, and 10 on the PS4 in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Vertex Pop will also release their colorful space shooter, Graceful Explosion Machine, on the PS4. And the bizarre Sine Mora EX has been remastered for the PS4 by THQ Nordic.

You can learn more about all of these titles (and a few others) after the break. (more…)

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New Retail Releases: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Sine Mora EX

Two new games will be available on store shelves this week…

First up, Capcom will bring Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 to the PS4 and Xbox One. This second compilation of Mega Man’s classic adventure includes the forgotten Mega Man 7, the bizarre Mega Man 8, and the back-to-basics Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. A Challenge Mode and a new batch of Achievements/Trophies will also be included.

Also available this week is Sine Mora EX, a side-scrolling shooter for the PS4 and Xbox One. Originally released for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2012, Sine Mora EX adds two-player cooperative play and three new competitive multiplayer modes.

We’ll be back later this week with a look at all the new additions to the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, and Nintendo eShop.

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Capcom officially announces Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Confirming an earlier leak by the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee, Capcom has officially announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will be released this Summer.

The compilation will include the latter four games in the “Mega Man Classic” franchise, including Mega Man 7 (which originally launched exclusively for the Super NES in 1995), Mega Man 8 (the only game in the series for the PlayStation/Saturn), and Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 (two retro-style continuations developed by Inti Creates almost a decade ago).

Like the previous Legacy Collection, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will include the original games, dozens of remixed Challenge Stages, a Museum Mode with production art, and other game-tweaking options:

A compilation of four timeless adventures in one package, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 features the most recent entries in the classic side-scrolling series. The collection also includes a Museum jam-packed with history and production art, challenge remix stages for long-time fans, and first-timer friendly options like added armor and checkpoint saves for easy reload.

Journey through the later entries in the series with these four titles: Mega Man 7 introduced mysterious rival Bass and his companion Treble, while Mega Man 8 featured the series’ first impressively animated and fully voiced cutscenes; Mega Man 9 marked the series’ return to its roots with 8-bit visuals, music, and gameplay; Mega Man 10 retained these features and included three playable character options.

Capcom will devote a lot of real estate in their booth at this year’s E3 Expo to Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 8.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 rated by Korean rating board

Mega Man Legacy Collection included the first six games from the “Mega Man Classic” franchise when it launched in 2015. While Capcom left out the four most recent entries, using the Blue Bomber’s NES appearance as the demarcation line was probably for the best. But naturally, the publisher is planning to give the rest of the franchise the Legacy Collection treatment in the not-too-distant future.

According to the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC), Capcom is currently hard at work on Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. According to the description included with the rating, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will include Mega Man 7 (which was originally released for the Super NES), Mega Man 8 (which was originally released for the PlayStation and Saturn), and the Inti Creates-developed, NES-styled Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.

There’s currently no word on if any of Mega Man’s many spinoffs will be part of Legacy Collection 2, such as Mega Man & Bass, which was released only in Japan for the Super NES, before making its way stateside on the Game Boy Advance many years later.

Capcom has yet to officially announce Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, so it’s possible the GRAC is mistaken. But I have a hunch the compilation actually is in development and it’ll likely be announced soon.

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