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Microsoft Flight launches on February 29

Microsoft’s free-to-play flight simulator, Microsoft Flight, will take off from on February 29.

Also available on February 29 is the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, the first expansion pack for the game. Priced at $20, the pack will add hundreds of miles of more terrain with the rest of the Hawaiian island chain (only the Big Island is included in the free-to-play version), new challenges, five new job types, 20 new missions, and a new plane (the Vans RV-6A).

While some people may gripe about “day one DLC,” you could also say that Microsoft is bringing back the old shareware model. Which is actually kind of awesome.

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Microsoft Flight goes free to fly this Spring

Microsoft is bringing back their Flight Simulator series in a big way this Spring when Microsoft Flight takes to the skies as a “Free-To-Play” title. And even though the game isn’t being positioned as a big blockbuster like Halo 4 or Gears of War 3, Microsoft Flight is still being stuffed full of interesting extras.

Players will be able to fly over Hawaii’s Big Island in a “highly rendered and accurate” cockpit view or the simpler external view as they “complete a variety of exciting missions, test their skills in flying challenges, or find hidden aerocaches on the island.”

“Many people dream of flying, but few have the chance to experience the fun of exploring the world from above. Microsoft Flight provides players the opportunity to explore that curiosity and interest,” said Joshua Howard, Executive Producer of Microsoft Flight. “Aviation can be incredibly technical, but we’ve taken great care to build an experience that makes taking to the skies thrilling and accessible for everyone.”

By using the free-play model, Microsoft Flight will taxi two planes into player’s hangars after the game is released: the Icon A5, the “jet ski for the skies” (which doesn’t enter production until late 2012), and the legendary Boeing Stearman, which is exclusive to Games For Windows Live users.

And speaking of GFWL, users of Microsoft’s online service will receive additional supplementary missions, access to Achievements, and an Online Pilot Profile for free. As with every “Free-To-Play” game, additional new aircraft, regions and customization options will be available for purchase to all players.

If all this sounds like a pretend pilot’s dream come true, sign up for a chance to enter the closed beta today!

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