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Pass Go and collect $200 with Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook

If you’ve been feeling depressed lately, you can take solace that we have finally achieved the pinnacle of Western civilization: EA and Hasbro have launched today Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook. The social game provides a new take on the classic board game franchise, allowing players to develop the sophistication of their own boards which their Facebook friends can then play on. Mechanics of the game itself have also been supplemented, with a deeper process for developing properties, such as turning on the electricity to get more money. A new progression system allows you to get better at the game as you play it; hopefully these don’t result in game-breaking advantages for players.

I checked out the game for a minute on Facebook and it seems to have both the accessibility of the source material as well as the social and progression aspects to keep you addicted for a long time. Monopoly Millionaires is available now, further exposing how much downtime there is at the American workplace.

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