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PSN Update: Journey for PS Plus users, MotorStorm RC, lots more

Sony unleashed another packed PlayStation Store update yesterday, but the biggest prize is reserved for PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you plunked down the extra cash to become an elite PS3 owner, you’ll receive early access to thatgamecompany’s Journey. Sweet!

Us mere mortals merely have to choose between the adorable RC cars of MotorStorm RC (PSN and Vita versions); Zipper’s Vita debut, Unit 13; the baseball sim, MLB 12: The Show; and a whole lot more.

Hit the jump for a full rundown of this week’s new releases and be sure to visit the PlayStation Blog for details on this week’s game add-ons.

And don’t forget, MotorStorm RC for the Vita is a free download for a limited time. Double sweet! (more…)

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MotorStorm RC will be free on Vita for limited time

Excited to dive into the adorable MotorStorm RC on your shiny new Vita? Well I’ve got good news for you! For a limited time, the Vita version is free, courtesy of Scion. Additionally, you’ll “be able to drive a custom RC version of Scion’s iQ which is exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game,” according to the PlayStation Blog.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab your free game! And while you’re in the store, check out all the new DLC that’s just been added to the store for both versions. Vroom vroom!

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MotorStorm RC revs up on PSN, Vita on March 6

Get ready for some big MotorStorm fun in a tiny package! MotorStorm RC will be coming to the PSN and the Vita on March 6 for just $9.99, says the PlayStation Blog.

According to Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, the game “started out as a simple concept we were playing around with during lunch times, a pet project to challenge each other to set the fastest times, originally using post-its on the wall as a low-fi leaderboard!”

The game looks like an awful lot of teeny fun, and with the ability to play it on both your PS3 and take it on the go on your Vita, there’s a lot of potential here for replayability – or constant playability.

Be sure to pick the game up on March 6, and “check out the extremely rare vehicles while you’re [in the PlayStation Store]… if that sort of thing takes your fancy.”

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MotorStorm RC shrinks down for PSN, Vita release in 2012

Evolution Studios’ MotorStorm series has been a big hit with PlayStation 3 and PSP owners since the original MotorStorm was released back in 2006. And each entry in the series has been bigger than the last. But with the next MotorStorm game, the developers plan to go small. The team at Evolution looked to the recent Scrap Metal and, of course, R.C. Pro Am, and found the inspiration for MotorStorm RC, a tiny top-down take on the racing franchise.

The best part? MotorStorm RC will be available as a PlayStation Network and Vita download, and if you buy one, you get both!

According to Sony, MotorStorm RC will recereate “visually stunning renditions of all four MotorStorm worlds (and eight of their vehicle classes).” The game will also include 16 tracks, online play, and four-player local splitscreen.

MotorStorm RC is currently scheduled to be released sometime in the Spring, “on or closely after [the] Vita launch.”

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