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Bugbear’s Next Car Game is probably a new FlatOut game

Bugbear Entertainment is best known for the FlatOut series of games, a trio of titles that featured destruction derby-type racing not unlike Psygnosis’s long lamented Destruction Derby series. The developer has opened a new website to promote their next game, which is currently known by the working title Next Car Game, and which they promise is a return to their roots:

We’re making a new car game. This time we’re going back to our roots – just like all of our fans have been asking us to do! If you like what you see above, you’re going to love it.

It’s all in-game footage!

So yeah, it’s probably a new FlatOut game, even if it doesn’t end carrying the FlatOut name. Next Car Game will be available for the PC and “yet to be announced consoles.”

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