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MS @ E3 12: Your Xbox is about to get more bro-friendly with new sports options

Now, Microsoft is rolling out even more Xbox “entertainment” features, like a new Kinect-enabled voice-activated search option with Bing. You can even search in multiple languages, as Spencer showed us by searching genres and films in both English and Spanish.

They’ve also added more content, with Nickelodeon, Paramount, Spanish-speaking Univision shows, and, “for the core gamers,” Machinima. Sports is also getting better on the Xbox (thank goodness!): the Xbox will have the NBA and the NHL Game Center, and will also have more ESPN than ever before with 24/7 access to live games via ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and ESPN U.

Microsoft is also changing the way you exercise with a new fitness option, Nike+ Kinect Training. Congratulations, Xbox! You are now one step closer to being the Wii.

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