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Hudson Entertainment outlines 3DS lineup, soon to be wholly acquired by Konami

We may have given Lost in Shadow a mediocre review here on Warp Zoned, but Hudson is still going strong into 2011 supporting the Nintendo 3DS.

The publisher revealed three games for the system: Deca Sports Extreme, Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle, and Bomberman, of which the last two are tentative titles. Deca Sports Extreme features a variety of ten sports and promises to be a nice multiplayer experience with up to four players via wireless or download play. Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle brings famous puzzle games like Sudoku in what they plan will be “the first brain training game for the Nintendo 3DS.” You probably already know what to expect from Bomberman; the press release doesn’t give many details but does claim to bring over both singleplayer and multiplayer into stunning 3D. Deca Sports Extreme is set for this summer, while the last two games are scheduled for Fall 2011. Hudson claims all of these games have been “specially developed to utilize the system to the fullest.”

Also, Hudson’s parent company, Konami, is in the middle of purchasing the remaining 46% it does not already own of the company. The transaction is reported by Andriasang to happen as a stock swap on April 1, with Konami planning to devote some of Hudson’s talent to improving their cell phone game distribution and social gaming.

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