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Bush League Hockey, Black Mirror, Outcast: Second Contact added to Xbox Store

A trio of new Xbox One games are now available to download from the Xbox Games Store.

First up is Bush League Hockey, an arcade-style hockey game that was previously released for the PC and PS4 this past Spring as Old Time Hockey. Also available to download now is Black Mirror, a spooky adventure story inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft, and Outcast: Second Contact, a remake of one of the earliest open world games.

You can learn more about all three titles after the break. (more…)

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, MLB The Show 17, more added to PS Store

It’s another big update for the PlayStation Store this week, so let’s get right to it…

Kingdom Hearts III is still no closer to release, but Square Enix wants to prepare PS4 players with the downloadable release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix. The compilation includes four full Kingdom Hearts games (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Herts: ReChain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep), and it offers the most complete look back at the franchise’s beginnings.

Telltale continues the story in The Walking Dead: A New Fronter this week with Episode 3: Above the Law. Now available to download for the PS4, players will need to help Javier find a role in his newly reunited family in the middle episode of this season.

Sports fans will have several new choices to choose from this week on the PlayStation Store, including dueling baseball games (MLB The Show 17 and RBI Baseball 2017), an old school hockey game (Old Time Hockey), and a boxing management simulation (Punch Club).

Elsewhere on the PlayStation Store, the “Play Collective” promotion rolls on with the PS4 release of Videocult’s side-scrolling survival game, Rain World.

Finally this week, Ska Studios will bring Salt and Sanctuary, their side-scrolling action RPG, to the Vita.

You can learn more about this week’s additions to the PlayStation Store after the break. (more…)

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Old Time Hockey will be released for PC, PS4 on March 28; Xbox One and Switch launch will come later

V7 Entertainment has announced that Old Time Hockey will be released for the PC and PS4 on March 28. The retro-styled hockey sim is also in development for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but players on those platforms will have to wait a bit longer. The game will launch for Microsoft’s console this Summer and on the Switch sometime after that.

In addition to announcing a release date (and uploading a brand new Release Date Trailer), the developer also unveiled the ten teams that make up Old Time Hockey’s fictional Bush Hockey League. You can read all about them after the break. (more…)

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Old Time Hockey brings back arcade-style sports on PC, PS4, Xbox One in Early 2017

Hard-hitting hockey games like Blades of Steel and NHL 94 were all the rage back in the 90s, and V7 Entertainment wants to bring this forgotten style of arcade action back with Old Time Hockey. Available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2017, Old Time Hockey will be a “rough and tumble” game that features “70s afros, big moustaches, no helmets, dirty hits, bench-clearing brawls, goalie fights, stick fights, ref abuse and literally lighting it up.”

“Everything from NHL 94, Blades of Steel, to other sports titles like NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl inspired us,” said Director Karthik Venkateshan “We wanted to recreate that old familiar experience of playing these games on the couch with friends.”

Old Time Hockey will feature 5-on-5 arcade-style gameplay, along with a Story Mode set in the 1970s. Players will even be able to choose from a variety of control schemes including a simple two-button scheme, a more complex modern scheme, and a special “Beer Mode” that can be played with one hand (the other will, or course, be needed for holding your drink).

The first trailer for Old Time Hockey has been embedded above.

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