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Lovely Planet Arcade brings old school FPS action to Steam this Summer

You kids today might not believe, but the first batch of first person shooters didn’t let you look up or down. Really! It’s true! And developer Quicktequila wants to bring back this style of shooter with their sequel to Lovely Planet.

Lovely Planet Arcade will be released for the PC (via Steam) this Summer, and it’ll include the same colorful construction paper style of the original game. It also won’t let you look and down. Lovely Planet Arcade will also include more than 100 levels across four worlds, a Mirror Mode, a Fast Mode, and an original soundtrack by Calum Bowen.

If you’re planning to take a trip down to San Antonio to attend PAX South in two weeks, you’ll get a chance to try out a Lovely Planet Arcade demo at publisher TinyBuild’s booth.

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