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Peggle Blast launches on mobile devices today


Electronic Arts has announced that Peggle Blast, the first Peggle game built exclusively for mobile devices, is now available to download from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. In addition to a brand new vertical screen orientation, Peggle Blast will add a handful of new features to the franchise’s formula. At least, that’s the line that the EA Blog is selling:

1. Ready, Aim, Pop!: Easy to learn, fun to master – each level challenges you to clear all the orange pegs, rack up bonus points, and hit style shots. Earn at least one star on each round to progress to the next level.
2. Meet the Masters: In Peggle Blast, you progress through the magical Peggle world, meeting new Peggle masters along the way. Old favorites like Bjorn the Unicorn join a whole new cast of playful masters including Kablooey the Peacock and Pearl the Octopus, who are here to help you aim for greatness!
3. Devious New Challenges: Gooped pegs, time bombs, and Gnomes are all-new challenges in Peggle Blast! You’ll have to learn new techniques to overcome these obstacles.
4. Explosive Boosts: Brand-new boosts give players even more ways to spread joy – from the Egg Net and Ring of Fire, to Extra Balls and the Super Guide, peg-blasters have never had so many options!
5. Anytime, Anywhere: Peggle Blast is the first Peggle game built from the ground up for mobile. Whether you’re looking for an intense marathon session on your couch or a quick hit of fun while standing in line, it’s never been easier to get Peggleicious!

That said, it won’t cost anything to buy into their ideas as Peggle Blast has been released as a free-to-play game. But if you need additional convincing, you can find the game’s launch trailer after the break. (more…)

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