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Phantom Halls launches on Steam with special appearance by Ash from Evil Dead 2

Yesterday, Incendium debuted their first game for the PC with the Steam Early Access launch of Phantom Halls.

Phantom Halls is a horror-comedy that takes place in a haunted mansion, and follows a group of teens who attempt to survive the night against the evil undead creatures that lurk in the shadows. Players will simultaneously take on the role of multiple characters, with each character’s abilities assigned to a different button.

The Early Access launch of Phantom Halls currently features ten playable characters, 12 enemy types, and six environment types. The mansion setting is procedurally-generated, but Incendium will continuously expand upon the game, adding additional features such as narrative elements, new enemies, and new game types.

And in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Evil Dead 2’s theatrical opening (March 13, 1987), Incendium also teamed up Stuido Canal and the Creative Licensing Corporation to bring Bruce Campbell’s Ash (along with his trusty boomstick and chainsaw) to early Phantom Halls adopters in the Ash Williams Evil Dead 2 Character Pack.

Players who pick up Phantom Halls during its launch week (until March 20) will be able to snag the game for 13% off, and receive the Ash Williams Evil Dead 2 Character Pack for free. Players who download the bonus content will also be treated to a special set of Evil Dead-themed quests.

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