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Pit People Hands-On Preview: Playing Co-Op Pit People at PAX West 2016


It’s no secret that we’re fans of The Behemoth here at Warp Zoned. So, of course, I made my way to their booth at PAX West as early as I possibly could. I was hoping to get a chance at their most recent game, Pit People, previously known as the very descriptive Game 4. I sat down with a buddy, grabbed my (surprisingly heavy) custom arcade stick, strapped on some headphones, and got down to cooperative business. (more…)

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Closed Beta for The Behemoth’s Pit People will begin on September 8

Behold! The Behemoth has unveiled a brand new trailer for Pit People, and just like the game, it’s narrated by the mellifluous Will Stamper.

Have you soaked it all in? I hope so, because you might also be interested to learn that Pit People’s Closed Beta will begin on September 8. Xbox One players will get a full week, until September 15, to test out The Behemoth’s somewhat bizarre strategy game. A second Closed Beta, this one for PC players, will held at a later date.

And don’t worry, if you haven’t registered for a chance to join the Closed Beta, there’s still time. Head over to the and sign up today.

Pit People will be released for the PC and Xbox One before the end of the year.

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The PAXpocalypse List: The Best of PAX East 2016


Believe it or not, we’re not living in a post-apocalyptic hellscape (depending on your political affiliation, insert your own Trump/Hillary joke here). But you’d never know it if all you had to go by was the 2016 PAX East show floor, which was overrun by dozens of titles that took place after the collapse of society… and a lot of them were pretty good.

But what if some disaster did befall the world and force PAX East attendees to forever wander the halls of the Boston Convention and Exhibition, feasting on whatever mac and cheese bowls or turkey legs they may find? That’s where Warp Zoned’s PAXpocalypse List comes in, because these are the games we’d keep playing if we could never venture outside again… (more…)

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Dear Diary: Friday at PAX East 2016 I Played…


The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center has opened the doors for PAX East once again. And once that overwhelming feeling went away, I managed to pay a visit to more than a few indie developers on Friday. So here’s a quick look at what I managed to play on the first day of PAX East 2016… (more…)

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Register for the Pit People Closed Beta at PAX East 2016


Just as they do every year, The Behemoth plans to set up shop at the 2016 PAX East expo to show off their latest projects. This year’s show kicks off on April 22, and the developer has announced plans to bring their upcoming turn-based strategy game, Pit People, to Boston.

In addition to hosting a playable demo of the game’s Co-Op Mode for the heaving crowds, The Behemoth will also give attendees the chance to sign up for the Closed Beta, which is expected to begin this Summer on the Xbox One (and later on Steam). If you’re unable to attend PAX East, the developer plans to open registration up to the rest of the world sometime after the convention is over.

We still don’t know when Pit People will be released for the PC and Xbox One, but Microsoft thinks it’ll be available sometime this year.

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Microsoft says Pit People will be released in 2016


As of right now, The Behemoth’s Pit People doesn’t have an official release date. However, Microsoft may have just spilled the beans in an otherwise unrelated post on the Xbox Wire from ID@Xbox Director Chris Charla. The executive used his pen to tell the world all about the great stuff Microsoft has planned for this year’s Game Developers Conference, including Cross-Network Play, the Game Preview program, and ID@Xbox games on Windows 10.

Charla also highlighted a few Xbox One titles that’ll be released this year including Cuphead, Below, Inside, Superhot, We Happy Few, Worms WMD… and Pit People.

We’ve contacted The Behemoth to find out if Pit People is really set to launch in 2016. In the meantime, we can all continue to wait patiently for the Closed Beta, which will definitely begin this Summer.

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The Behemoth’s Pit People will get a Closed Beta this Summer


We still don’t when The Behemoth’s Pit People will be released, but the Xbox Wire has revealed that the turn-based strategy game will receive a Closed Beta sometime this Summer.

Microsoft held a special press event in San Francisco last week, where The Behemoth talked a bit more about the game’s many characters, including “a particularly memorable foe that fired a pair of Uzis while mounted atop a giraffe that floated onto the battlefield via a bouquet of helium balloons.” That’s a bit insane, but thankfully, players will be able to recruit more than 100 characters to do battle with these foes. Production Coordinator Ian Moreno added: “You can get robots… we have stuff like trolls, zombies and vampires. There’s also this weird spider lady that you can actually ride, and she will shoot webs and create walls.”

Somebody tell George Miller that the bar has been raised for the next Mad Max movie, and don’t forget that Pit People is in development for the PC and Xbox One.

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The Behemoth’s Game 4 will officially be known as Pit People


Slightly more than a year after it was first announced, The Behemoth has finally settled on an actual name for Game 4, their upcoming strategy RPG for the PC and Xbox One. Ready? Here it comes…

“Game 4 will henceforth be known as Pit People.” Confused? I’ll let the developer explain:

The Pit is the place where our story’s heroes get a fresh start in life! It’s basically what you and I know more commonly as an arena.

Pit People was the name written on the original concept sketch that started it all. Every interaction took place in an arena. Over time, adventuring became a big part of the game. However, a key moment in the story now occurs in the Pit, and so the name remained! In the end, we’re in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!

With a shiny new name all picked out, The Behemoth has also opened Pit People’s official website, which is packed with trailers, screenshots, and in-depth details on the game’s development. However, one hting you won’t find is a release date, as Pit People’s launch date is still “To Be Announced,” or more accurately, “When it’s done.”

[Source: The Behemoth Blog]

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