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InFamous: Festival of Blood, PixelJunk SideScroller added to PS Store

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with the final “Only On PSN” selections: InFamous: Festival of Blood and PixelJunk SideScroller.

In InFamous: Festival of Blood, a vampiric virus has swept through New Marais, infecting everyone, including Cole McGrath. Festival of Blood is a standalone expansion, meaning it doesn’t require InFamous or InFamous 2. The game also includes the new User Generated Content tools and vamps out with a nice $9.99 price tag (PS Plus subscribers get it for an even nicer $7.99).

PixelJunk SideScroller is Q-Games’ take on the side-scrolling shooter. And as you’d expect from the development team, they turn the genre on its head with “luminescent visuals, incredible bosses, and unforgettable powerups and weaponry.” PixelJunk SideScroller has also been priced at $9.99 with a 20% discount for PS Plus users.

A ridiculous number of additional new releases have been brought to the PS Store this week including Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone, Daytona USA, Worms: Crazy Golf, and downloadable versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, Homefront, and MX vs ATV Alive.

More information on all of this week’s new releases and game add-ons can be found at the PlayStation.Blog.

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PixelJunk SideScroller detailed by Q-Games

Those little devils over at Q-Games have been very, very busy. PixelJunk SideScroller wasn’t only announced at E3, it’s also currently playable on the E3 show floor. This clever little sidescroller was originally an unlockable level in PixelJunk Shooter 2, but it’s grown into its own game. Loaded with their trademark “flowing liquids and hazardous gases,” Shooter gets a new spin, transforming into an all-new experience. The enemies are familiar and the projectiles are flying faster than before. The game will have “brand new levels and ferocious boss attacks” – but we expected nothing less from the mind of Dylan Cuthbert.

PixelJunk SideScroller will also have puzzles, “vector-like visuals,” a customizable arsenal, difficulty settings, and leaderboards. Oh, and of course, you can share your feats via YouTube as well. No word yet on how this fits into the PixelJunk series as a whole. This PlayStation Network game should be released later this year, so be on the lookout.

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