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PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale pushed back to November

It looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get our hands on Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Thankfully, it’s only been pushed back a single month and will launch on November 20 instead of the game’s original release date of October 23.

Chan Park, the President of developer SuperBot Entertainment, said that his team needed a bit more time to polish the game. He also confirmed that they’re taking feedback from the recent beta and incorporating some of those suggestions into the final fame:

This [delay] will let us spend more time polishing and tuning the game, and it will give us a chance to incorporate some of the great feedback we’re receiving from the current limited beta to ensure we are creating the best possible fighting game experience. While it is our greatest desire to put this game into the hands of our fans as soon as possible, we do not want to do so at the sake of quality. The additional time will be well worth the wait, and are excited to know that our fans will have the ultimate brawler in time for the holiday.

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Cole McGrath and Jak join PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

As promised, Sony has revealed two more fighters for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale at Comic-Con this weekend. Say hello to Cole McGrath from the InFamous series and Jak from the Jak & Daxter series.

Daniel Maniago, the Community Manager from developer SuperBot Entertainment had plenty to say about the new additions to the roster:

Players familiar with Jak and Daxter’s arsenal will immediately recognize some of the weaponry utilized in PlayStation All-Stars including the Blaster, Needle Lazer, Gyro Burster, and Mass Inverter. When the going gets tough, Jak has the ability to unleash the powers of both Dark and Light Jak to even the playing field, as seen in Jak II and Jak 3 respectively. Daxter even lends a hand in Jak’s melee attacks.

Cole takes advantage of a wide array of abilities in InFamous, an experience we hoped to emulate when incorporating him into the game. He is a well-rounded fighter who is effective at both close and long range combat, and is highly mobile as well. Players can command both his electrokinesis and cryokinesis, using these powers to assault opponents from a safe distance or propel himself towards the action. With these abilities, Cole proves to be a formidable adversary for the rest of the PlayStation All-Stars cast!

Check out Jak and Cole in action in two new PlayStation All-Stars trailers after the break. (more…)

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Sony sets release date for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale; Heichachi and Sony Cat added

Sony made two announcements about their Smash Bros.-like PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale this weekend. First, they’ve given it a release date of October 23 on the PS3 and Vita. They also revealed a nifty pre-order bonus: an exclusive bonus costume for every character. It’s just too bad only eight characters have been announced so far.

That leads to their second announcement though.

Sony has revealed two more characters that’ll be joining the Battle Royale roster: Tekken‘s Heihachi Mishima and Toro Inoue, better known to western gamers as the lovable Sony Cat.

More characters will be revealed soon, including at least one announcement during this week’s San Diego Comic-Con.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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Sony @ E3 12: PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, now with Nathan Drake and Big Daddy

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale unsurprisingly made an appearance at the Sony press conference. Correction, the PS3 and Vita versions of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale made an appearance at Sony’s press conference.

We got to see a live demo of the game, with Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, and Sly Cooper. The first two characters were played on the PlayStation 3, while the latter two were played on the PlayStation Vita. The game is cartoony, adorable, and surprisingly smooth for being so early in its development.

The characters build up to power ups, and we got to see Sweet Tooth’s, which was a huge mecha that destroyed everyone on screen. The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions are both playable on the show floor, and they announced two new characters: Nathan Drake and Big Daddy.

I don’t like Super Smash Bros. at all, yet I’m intrigued by and excited for this game. I guess it’s because I’m way more familiar with Sony characters these days than I am with Nintendo characters.

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PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale officially announced… aren’t you shocked?

People throw around the phrase “worst kept secret in gaming” a lot. EA just used it when their Crysis 3 reveal was accidentally leaked a day early by their own Origin store. But if you’re looking for a true example of the “worst kept secret” phenomenon, then look no further than PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale for the PS3.

Officially announced last night, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is a Smash Bros.-like mashup where characters from Sony’s long history in video games get together to fight. The game, which is being developed by SuperBot, will include Kratos, Sweet Tooth, PaRappa, Fat Princess, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, and many more. And like Nintendo did with later editions of Smash Bros., Sony is in talks with third party developers to bring their characters into the Battle Royale.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale will include a ton of different modes for your punching preference including an Arcade Mode, online multiplayer, local multiplayer, team battles, Practice Mode, Special Event Battles created by SuperBot, and a Combat Trials mode similar to Mortal Kombat‘s Challenge Tower.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale currently doesn’t have a release date, but in the months to come I’m sure we’ll learn all about a number of characters that are virtual shoe-ins to appear in Battle Royale such as Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, the Buzz! host (who makes a brief appearance in the trailer above), and Sackboy. I bet Ico and Wander just might make the final cut as well.

Who do you want to see in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale?

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