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Portal board game teleports to your tabletop this Summer

portalboardgame Cryptozoic Entertainment has just announced their product preview for 2014, which included a board game based on the beloved Portal franchise. The best part is that the “custom playing pieces include test subjects, sentry turret, weighted companion cube, and delicious cake.” The tagline even says it comes with cake, and that it isn’t a lie. How exciting!

The final name is not yet determined, but the tentative name is “Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game.” Also, the good news is that it was “designed by the creators of Portal and Portal 2,” which means it should at least be close to the humor we know and love from the series.

The Portal board game has a tentative release date of Q3 2014. It will be for two to four players, and will cost $50.

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J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell tease possible game/movie collaboration


Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and Valve CEO Gabe Newell spent the morning addressing the crowd at the 2013 D.I.C.E. Summit. Their talk, “Storytelling Across Platforms,” kicked off the conference and was heavily promoted before the four-day gathering of developers began.

Apparently, there was a good reason for that.

Abrams and Newell’s panel concluded a few minutes ago and they dropped a massive bombshell before they left. Are you ready? Abrams announced that he wants to partner with Valve on a video game and Newell announced that he wants work with Abrams (and his Bad Robot production company) on movies based on Half-Life and Portal:

Abrams: There’s an idea we [at Bad Robot] have for a game that we’d like to work with Valve on.

Newell: We’re going to find out if there’s a way we can work with you on a Portal and Half-Life movie.

Oh. My. God.

[Source: Kotaku]

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For Learning! Snag a free copy of Portal until September 20

Valve has seemingly perfected the “demented schoolteacher” genre with the two Portal games. Encouraging players to look at science and puzzle-solving in new ways, they’ve become more than just games. And now, Valve has taking that a step further with their new Learn With Portals site.

Designed as an educational destination for teachers and students, Learn With Portals wants to make “physics, math, logic, spatial reasoning, probability, and problem-solving interesting” cool. Step one in this coolification of learning: give away a free download of Portal from now until September 20.

So teleport yourself over to Learn With Portals and download your free copy today. For Science. For Learning. For Fun.

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