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Pulse: Volume One coming out May 5 for iPad

Philadelphia independent studio Cipher Prime is releasing their third game this Thursday. Pulse: Volume One is a rhythm game and marks Cipher Prime’s first foray into the iPad world. Pulse takes advantage of the multi-touch functionality, challenging players to keep up with the music and “tap notes as they are crossed by the pulse as it expands in time with the music.” The music is provided by local Philadelphia artists and supports “genres from chip-tune to nerdcore to death metal.” The gameplay video above is from Indie Game Mag, and makes me want to buy an iPad right now.

Cipher Prime’s previous games were Auditorium (on the PC, PS3, and PSP) and Fractal (on the PC), so their fans are at war over whether or not they approve of this jump to the mobile gaming scene. So far, it’s gotten some great press. (My favorite quote comes from Pocket Gamer: “A package so thoroughly well put together that you’re reminded of why music games were popular in the first place.”)

Cipher Prime is part of Philadelphia’s flourishing video game scene, and can be found this weekend at the Too Many Games Expo from May 6-8. Stop by. Tell ’em Nicole sent you.

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