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Bplus is also bringing Puzzle Box to the Nintendo NX

Here’s another one for the next revision to The Big List of Nintendo NX Games… In an update to their official website, developer Bplus has confirmed that Puzzle Box is in development for Nintendo’s upcoming NX console.

Currently available to download through Steam, Puzzle Box asks players to recreate a series of pixel art images using a “paint-by-numbers” control scheme. After rebuilding each level, players will be able to explore them in a grab bag of action-oriented modes including Kubi Mode (a platformer starring a block named Kubi), Claw Mode (a side-scrolling flyer where players have to collect coins using a claw), and Run Mode (an endless runner).

Bplus is also working on a second game for the NX, a “war simulation game” with an “anti-war” message known as Tank It!

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