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Mass Effect fan film Red Sand has been unleashed on the world

Fan-made films based on video games are all the rage these days, with some efforts proving better executed than others. However, filmmakers Paul DeNigris and Caleb Evans have gone one better, by snagging Mark Meer, the voice actor behind Captain Shepard, to star in their Mass Effect prequel, Red Sand.

Set 35 years before the first game, the film explores the discovery of the Prothean ruins on Mars. Meer plays Colonel Jon Grissom, who leads a small pack of soldiers defending the ruins from desert-dwelling terrorists. The terrorists are have become addicted to a refined version of the Element Zero power source, the titular Red Sand, which has granted them unstable biotic powers.

For more information on Red Sand, be sure to visit the film’s Facebook page. And to watch the film itself, just look up, it’s at the top of this article!

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