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Resistance Collection coming this Winter

Quite possibly coming as a surprise to no one, Sony has announced that the Resistance Collection will be coming this Winter. The collection will include the three main PlayStation 3 games in the series, all by Insomniac Games: Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3. According to the PlayStation Blog, it will also come with “extra bonus DLC content for Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 so you can play with all of the best DLC from both games, including the Aftermath Pack and skin bundle from Resistance 2, and both the Brutality and Survival Packs from Resistance 3.” I don’t know if that means it comes with all of the available DLC or just “all of the best DLC,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

I’m actually surprised and a little disappointed that they aren’t including Resistance: Retribution in this collection. Much like the portable God of War games, I would have loved to play this PSP game on my big screen. A girl can dream, right? Speaking of dreams, here’s hoping that Resistance: Fall of Man gets trophy support in this collection. Because if not, what’s the point?

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The Golden Pixel Awards 2011: Gaming’s Best, Worst, and Everything Else

Welcome to Warp Zoned’s first ever Golden Pixel Awards. Sit back and relax as we reward the best (and worst) games of 2011 with accolades based on their rather unique accomplishments.

The Apocalypse List

The bombs have fallen, the zombies have horded, food is scarce, and you’ve boarded yourself up in a bunker that’ll stand for a hundred years. What better way to spend your time in “The Vault” than by playing Warp Zoned’s favorite games from 2011? It doesn’t matter if you call it a “Top Ten List” or “Our Favorites From 2011,” but these are the games we plan to keep playing even if there was no game industry to keep making games. (more…)

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Resistance 3 Review: It Won’t Be Hard to Resist This Game

Insomniac Games had a lot to live up to with the newest entry in the Resistance series. The ending of Resistance 2 was so devastating, so powerful, so moving, that it was impossible for me to predict what was going to come next. I imagined some sort of intense space opera moving from there, possibly where humans went out into space, searching the rift that was created at the end of the second game. I created whole storylines in my head, many of which involved Hale somehow still being alive. But what I didn’t imagine was the utter and complete disappointment that would be Resistance 3. (more…)

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Madden NFL 12 blitzes the September NPD list

Boom! After taking the month of August off thanks to the NFL lockout, the debut of Madden NFL 12 has reclaimed its rightful spot at the top of The NPD Groups’s monthly rankings.

The football sim was joined at the top of the charts by other big new releases: Gears of War 3 chainsawed the second spot and Deep Silver’s Dead Island landed at #3 (behold the power of hype, folks). EA Sports claimed the rest of the top five with FIFA Soccer 12 at #4 and NHL 12 a spot below. Resistance 3 at #7 and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine at #10 round out the bevy of new releases on this NPD list.

Holdovers from previous months include Deus Ex: Human Revolution (#6), Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (#8) and Call of Duty: Black Ops (#9).

The complete top ten can be found after the break. (more…)

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New Releases: Resistance 3, Dead Island, Star Fox 64 3D, More

The calendar has turned over to September and we know what that means… the stingy Summer of games is over and the Fall release rush is finally here! This week’s new release slate blows away almost everything we’ve received in the last three months. There’s truly something for everybody:

Check out the full list of the rest of this week’s new releases after the break. (more…)

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Street Fighter III, Parasite Eve II, Resistance 3 beta now on PS Store

With Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade coming to a close, Sony has picked up the slack with an absolutely stellar slate of offerings in the first week of their PSN Play promotion.

Long overshadowed by its younger brother, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition ($14.99, $11.99 for PSN Plus users) comes to the PlayStation Store as the PSN Play pick. It’ll be joined by Hamilton’s Great Adventure ($9.99), an adventure game, and Comix Zone ($4.99), a PSN port of the popular Genesis-era beat ’em up. Also available this week is the PSone Classic Parasite Eve II ($5.99).

Finally this week, Sony offers up the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta for all PSN Plus subscribers. The full game will be released on September 6, but beta players will be able to get their hands on two of the game’s maps: the Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales, and the Trainyard in Bogota, Colombia.

More information on all of this week’s new games and game add-ons can be found at the PlayStation.Blog.

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Sony confirms Resistance 3 will require PSN Pass

Earlier today, we reported on the possible requirement of a “PSN Pass” to play the online portion of the upcoming PS3-exclusive Resistance 3. Now, Sony has issued a statement to IGN confirming the existence of the PSN Pass and its inclusion in Resistance 3:

“We are always evaluating new programs for our online offering, and starting with Resistance 3 this September, we will be instituting a network pass program for PS3 games with online capabilities. This program will be game-specific. Games that are a part of this program will include a single-use registration code that grants the account holder redeeming the code full online access for that title,” a Sony spokesperson said.

As expected, if you purchase a used copy of Resistance 3 (or any game that uses the PSN Pass system), Sony will generously offer to sell you a PSN Pass through the PlayStation Store. Other publishers, such as EA, THQ and WB Games, use a $10 price for their “online passes.” I’d expect Sony to offer the PSN Pass at a similar price.

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“PSN Pass” spotted on German Resistance 3 bundle

“PSN Pass Network features only available in countries that have PlayStation Store.” This disclaimer was spotted alongside the logo you see above for the mysterious “PSN Pass.” The picture was taken of a 320 GB PlayStation 3 Resistance 3 bundle in Germany. While Sony Computer Entertainment has yet to announce PSN Pass, many are suggesting that it will be similar to EA’s “Online Pass” or “Project Ten Dollar,” where every copy of a game comes with a code that can only be redeemed once in order to play online or access premium content for free. Given the Resistance series’ inclination towards ambitious multiplayer features, the third installment would seem the perfect game to introduce such a plan with.

Since I buy nearly all my games new, I usually have no problem with online pass programs by publishers. However, hopefully Insomniac won’t restrict the content on the disc like DICE, who released the maps for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in small increments over the first year of its release.

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