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Beatbuddy developer Threaks announces Retro Invasion, a shooter/brawler mash-up

Threaks, the German developer behind the musical platformer Beatbuddy, has announced their next game as the 2015 Gamescom expo opens its doors.

Retro Invasion is a side-scrolling mash-up of shooters and brawlers that pairs up modern Mike and “retro infected” Brawler Rik in a co-op “Shoot N Brawl.” In a bit of a Pixels-like twist, the land of old video games has turned the real world into voxels and its up to Mike (who looks a little like Gordon Freeman) and Brawler Rik (who is a dead ringer for Mario) to save the day.

“We’re super excited to finally announce our next game Retro Invasion.” says Wolf Lang, Co-CEO at Threaks. “With more than a year in conception and production now, it’s amazing to see how well this crazy idea works. Retro Invasion kind of feels and plays like the unholy child of Gears of War and Streets of Rage.”

Retro Invasion is playable all this week at Gamescom’s Indie Arena in Hall 10.1. It’ll be released for the PC and a number of unspecified consoles in 2016.

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