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Shovel Knight becomes a Knightrider in Road Redemption

This morning you got to see the whimsical side of Shovel Knight in the fan-made Shovel Knight Holiday Special. But the character also carries around a giant shovel and he can dole out a few good whacks when need be. So this is the perfect time for the wandering knight to mount a motorcycle and deliver some “Shovel Justice” on the open road in Dark Seas Games’ Road Redemption.

Dark Seas had this to say about Shovel Knight in the latest Kickstarter update:

It’s really a great game. It’s the kind of game that actually lives up to the rose-tinted memories we have of playing NES, which, of course, means it’s actually far better than those games ever were. I’ll take Shovel Knight over Megaman any day. Blasphemy? Prove me wrong Capcom. Prove me wrong.

The Road Rash-inspired Road Redemption is currently available through Steam Early Access and will be released for the Wii U and Xbox 360 next Summer.

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