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Xbox Store Today: Roundabout, IHF Handball Challenge 14

I don’t even know how to compare the two games being added to the Xbox Games Store today.

First up is Roundabout, a top-down limousine sim that’s set in the 70s and also includes live-action interludes of the passengers in the interior of the limousine. And did I mention the limousine is constantly spinning and that you have to gently nudge it around obstacles like a puzzle game? Because it is and you do. Roundabout is now available to download on the Xbox One.

Also available to download today is IHF Handball Challenge 14, which might be the first officially licensed professional handball game ever released in America. Handball is incredibly popular in Europe, but in America its typically relegated to that sport you play in gym class after basketball but before floor hockey. But if you’ve ever had aspirations of becoming a professional handball player, IHF Handball Challenge 14 is now available to download on the Xbox 360.

More details on both games can be found after the break. (more…)

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Roundabout is headed to Xbox One, GDC, and PAX East

Roundabout, the “city with a twist,” will be coming to Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program. Developer No Goblin is “super honored to be included with one of the first waves of developers to release through the program,” according to their website. (And yes, they “will investigate yelling “Xbox, HONK HONK” to activate the limo’s horn.” Ha!)

The game will be playable at GDC next month, for those who want to try it out early. And if you can’t make it to GDC, they’ll also have their own booth at PAX East in April. So that’s two great chances for you to take the limo for a spin… literally!

Roundabout is currently available for pre-order for Windows, Mac, and Linux at No Goblin’s website right now for $9.99. The developers will be announcing a release date soon.

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