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Majesco goes mobile with Sci-Fi Heroes

Majesco Entertainment, the publisher responsible for the Mama series of games (you know, Cooking, Babysitting, Crafting, etc) and Jillian Michael’s fitness range, has revealed screenshots (which can be found after the break) and a trailer (which can be viewed above) of their first internally developed mobile game.

Sci-Fi Heroes, a free-to-play RPG, will feature over forty levels and allow you to take charge of eight unique characters including a space marine, an animal trainer, a Serenity-inspired space cowboy, a priest, an ID Master, an Exxo, a healbot, and a technomancher. With its cutesy graphics and fun humour, it comes across as a tongue-in-cheek version of the likes of Star Wars and Mass Effect.

Piloting the Starship Aphelion, players will take command of up to eight misfit warriors as they go up against the Calimar Space Horde to free four planets in a once peaceful solar system. You can look forward to kicking some Space Horde butt later this summer. (more…)

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