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The Crew, Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice, Secret Ponchos, more added to PS Store


Even the PlayStation Store slows down in December as Sony has added eight new titles to their digital storefront.

Leading the way is Ubisoft’s coast-to-coast racer, The Crew (PS4), which is available in both a standard edition and a “Gold Edition.” Also available this week is the first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones (PS4) adaptation, Iron From Ice. Both games are joined by Secret Ponchos (PS4), Switchblade Monkeys’ Old West arena shooter (which is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

More information about all three of these games (as well as a few other new releases) can be found after the break. And as always, a complete rundown of this week’s new game add-ons can be found at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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PS4 version of Secret Ponchos will be released in December


We’ve been big fans of Secret Ponchos, an isometric arena shooter that takes place in a stylized Old West setting, since its PAX East 2013 debut. Ever since, we’ve been waiting for its release on the PS4 and PC but, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog, we won’t have to be waiting much longer.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscribers, Secret Ponchos will be available in December as part of the Instant Game Collection on the PS4. All other PS4 owners will also be able to purchase it separately at that time. As one of the game’s banditos might say, yee haw!

Secret Ponchos is also currently available on the PC through Steam’s Early Access program. It’s possible the game’s “full version” will be released in December, but nothing has been officially announced by developer Switchblade Monkeys yet.

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Secret Ponchos available on Steam Early Access right now

See that? That is a glorious trailer for Secret Ponchos that Switchblade Monkeys showed at E3 2014. Even more amazing is the fact that the game launched on Steam Early Access just this morning. You can pick it up and start playing right now for just $11.24, which is 25% off the price. You can also get a pack of four copies for $33.74, so you can share them with your friends (and then murder them in-game). Please note, you need a controller to play the game as of right now.

Secret Ponchos was one of our beloved PAXpocalypse picks last year, so we’re excited about this news. The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 this Fall and the full release of the PC version will be available sometime between this Fall and the first quarter of 2015.

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Secret Ponchos is “about three months” away from being released

paxeast2014I got a chance to play Switchblade Monkeys’ Secret Ponchos this morning at PAX East and, in addition to trying out a sword-wielding character known as “Matador,” I learned that the game is “about three months” from release.

Developer Caley Smyth said that Secret Ponchos will be released this Summer (sometime around July) for the PS4 and PC. Both versions will appear around the same time, though the PS4 version, which will launch as a PlayStation Plus freebie, may be released a few weeks earlier.

We’ll have more from PAX East 2014 all weekend.

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Switchblade Monkeys delays the showdown between Secret Ponchos and the PS4


Sony recently revealed the April additions to the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers and, sadly, Secret Ponchos wasn’t among them. We reached out to developer Switchblade Monkeys via Twitter and they confirmed the old west arena shooter won’t be released for the PS4 next month as originally planned:

A new release date wasn’t announced, though as you can see, a beta for the game will be available soon. However, we’re definitely sure that the next time we’ll be able to get our hands on Secret Ponchos is at this year’s PAX East expo (April 11 through April 13). Switchblade Monkeys previously announced the game will be playable on the show floor.

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Secret Ponchos will sneak into PAX East 2014 in playable form


The developers at Switchblade Monkeys certainly had a busy 2013. In March, they debuted their first game, Secret Ponchos, at PAX East 2013. After a huge reaction from the crowd of con-goers, the team signed up with Sony and agreed to showcase the game at E3 2013 as a PS4-exclusive. And with its April release date looming, the developer has just revealed that first we’ll all get a chance to try it out again at PAX East 2014:

PAX East 2014 will be held in Boston beginning on April 11. If you plan to attend, I hope you’ve got your tickets. The popular Spring event is already sold out.

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Secret Ponchos will be released for PS4 in April


Secret Ponchos was the toast of this year’s PAX East. Large crowds gathered around the Old West-styled arena shooter during all three days of the expo (this includes several members of the Warp Zoned Staff). In addition to the throngs of con-goers, several Sony executives were mightily impressed with the game as well. According to Polygon, the Sony crew was so impressed with the game that they signed a deal with the developers from Switchblade Monkeys that weekend.

Part of this deal included an appearance at E3 2013 and a pledge from the developer that Secret Ponchos would be released on the PS4 first. To ensure that Secret Ponchos would be the best game it could be on Sony next-gen platform, the publisher even gave Switchblade Monkeys access to their PhyreEngine rendering engine. PhyreEngine was previously used by thatgamecompany to create Flow, Flower, and Journey.

The developers hope to release Secret Ponchos on the PS4 in April. The game will also be included as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers when its released.

Switchblade Monkeys originally coded Secret Ponchos in the Unity engine with plans to bring it to as many platforms as possible. While an Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Wii U release remains unannounced, plans are in place to eventually bring the game to the PC.

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Secret Ponchos will be released on the PS4 in 2014


Secret Ponchos was one of our favorite games on display at this year’s PAX East show, so it was great seeing the guys from Switchblade Monkeys on stage at Sony’s E3 Press Conference to announce that the game will be released on the PS4.

This morning, the Monkeys have confirmed that Secret Ponchos will be released sometime in 2014, which is a bit of a delay from its originally scheduled Summer 2013 release. Of course, if it was somehow released for the PS4 in Summer 2013 that would bend the laws of space and time. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

A blog post on the game’s official website reveals that a PC version of the game is also a priority for the developers: “We’re doing our best to bring Secret Ponchos to the PC.”

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