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MS @ E3 11: Star Wars, Disneyland Adventures, Sesame Street come to Kinect

Just like last year, the 2011 Microsoft E3 Press Conference was all about Kinect.

Microsoft has partnered with Disney to bring Disneyland Adventures to Kinect. Minigames based on Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and other Disneyland attractions will keep the kids busy for a good long time.

More for the kids came from Tim Schafer, who showed off Double Fine’s Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. A storybook-themed romp through the Sesame Street world. He also apparently has the cutest daughter in the world and is very proud he finally gets to make a game for her.

An extended look at Kinect Star Wars makes the gesture controls used in the game look pretty spectacular. For those that didn’t jump on the Dance Central bandwagon, this may be the Kinect’s killer app for a lot of people. Fighting battledroids involves blocking blaster bolts with a Lightsaber and then counterattacking. But the demo got good when it ended with the promise of a duel with two dual-Lightsaber wielding Sith.

And speaking of Dance Central… rumor has a sequel is coming up soon in the Microsoft Press Conference.

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Double Fine Productions brings Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster to life on Kinect

This sounds like a match made in heaven. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions will be bringing Elmo, Cookie Monster, and your favorite childhood characters to Xbox 360 Kinect with Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. Children and Parents join Sesame Street characters as they enter the world of the story book, Once Upon a Monster, making new friends along the way and learning life lessons to solve problems in the game.

Tim Schafer said, “Sesame Street had a profound effect on me, and many members of the Double Fine team, when we were children. So did video games. Now many of us are parents and we want to share with our kids the great experiences we had, but also the completely new ones made possible by cutting-edge technology like Kinect for Xbox 360. So it’s a labor of love on many levels.”

I’ll admit it – I seriously envy the kids who get to interact with such awesome concepts in new and innovative ways. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is set for a Fall 2011 release date, and hopefully a tear jerking presentation at E3.

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