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Fox & Friends guest has a stroke over SimCity and gaming’s “liberal agenda”

This just in… Fox News is out of touch. Wait, that’s not exactly news. But it is funny. And moronic. But mostly funny.

On the September 3rd edition of Fox & Friends, host Clayton Morris and guest T.J. McCormack spoke about “green” games. Specifically about how they promote a “liberal agenda” of environmentalism and make kids “freak out.” Watch the video above to see for yourself.

If you’d rather not subject yourself to the latest media plot against video games, here’s what McCormack had to say about SimCity Societies (a game that came out in 2007 by the way) and its theme of respecting the environment:

“Kids with sweaty palms are freaking out that they’re going to kill a bunch of virtual polar bears. Virtual polar bears!”

McCormack later cites two browser games, McDonald’s: The Game (which is from 2006) and Fate of the World (a relatively recent 2010 game), as examples of “green” games that kids are playing and freaking out over. It should probably be noted that five year olds with sweaty palms aren’t playing these games. They’re methodical and deep strategy games that are typically played by adults. Yes Mr. McCormack, adults can play video games.

But you know what? Making fun of someone this stupid and out of touch isn’t even worth it. You win Fox News. Games promote the liberal agenda to little kids. It’s true. Especially games based on a major Fox property like Avatar.

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