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Snapshot puzzling its way onto PSN, Vita this Fall

Indie developer Retro Affect have announced that their debut game, Snapshot, a 2D platform-puzzler, will be heading to the PlayStation Network and PS Vita this Fall, and will handily feature cross-platform saves. Nominated for an IGF Award back in 2009, developers Kyle Pulver and David Carrigg have since been expanding and polishing the game for a console release.

In what sounds like a simple yet brilliant idea, the game features an amnesiac robot named Picon on an adventure to discover his origins. He has in his possession a powerful camera that can take photos of the surrounding landscape, and to paste that photo elsewhere. Players will then be able to manipulate the photographs in order to overcome obstacles or solve puzzles.

As Retro Affect told the PlayStation Blog, “Our goal is to make awesome games that resonate with the feel of classic gaming flavor, but with a splash of something fresh.” With the current Fall schedule oversaturated by sequels and first-person shooters, Snapshot could very well follow in the footsteps of Journey, offering something fun and unique.

Retro Affect have plans to push the game onto Windows PC, Mac OSX, and Linux after the release on Sony’s systems.

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