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Spectra Review: Chiptunes, Racing, and 80s Arcade Style Aren’t a Bad Combination


It’s a rare game that credits the composer as a co-developer, but that’s what you get with Spectra, an overhead racing game that’s set to a chiptune soundtrack created by Niamh “Chipzel” Houston (best known for her work on Super Hexagon). British developer Gateway Interactive took her bleeps and bloops and laid them over a procedurally-generated raceway that expands out into space using arcade-style wireframe graphics. The music and visuals complement each other nicely, but Spectra’s “keep it simple” style goes a bit too far. (more…)

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Xbox Store Today: Spectra

Prepare to burn your brain this weekend with the neon-rimmed raceways and chiptune soundtrack of Spectra, which is now available for the Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store.

In Spectra, players whip down a procedurally-generated track as the game’s chiptune soundtrack pounds out of the speakers. Fans of video game music should especially pay close attention to that sound, as the game’s tunes were composed by Chipzel, the same musical maestro behind Super Hexagon.

More information on Spectra, which was also released for the PC today, can be found right here:

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Spectra ($7.49)
Blast your nimble ship down intricate ribbons of light in time to a thumping all original soundtrack by Chipzel (Super Hexagon, Size Does Matter). Spectra will have your ears pumping and your heart racing as you drift into a trance with just one objective. Survive till the music stops! A true callback to arcade games of old; mastery of Spectra will require all your twitch skills and the beautiful retro style graphics will have you just itching to go dig up your Atari!

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