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If you’re spending this weekend in Boston for PAX East, next week’s new releases are probably the last thing on your mind. Well, that’s not entirely accurate as Nintendo is demoing Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir and it’ll be available in stores next week. It is next week’s biggest new release by far, though a trio of other games will be available…

There’s Phantom Breaker (Xbox 360), a 2D fighting game from new publishing label 7Sixty.

There’s also the 4-In-1 Action Pack (PS3), which includes Mushroom Wars, Digger HD, Smash Cars and Wakeboarding HD.

Finally, there’s Top Trumps: NBA All Stars, which is a game that is for the 3DS. And it features Top Trumps.

Who? Top. Trumps.

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PAX East 2012: Play Mario Tennis Open, Spirit Camera, more with Nintendo

Are you planning on attending PAX East 2012 this weekend? If so, then be sure to stop by the Nintendo booth where you’ll get a chance to try out Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir and Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS before you can buy them.

The Big N is also bringing a bunch of copies of Kid Icarus: Uprising for players to try as well as hosting a scavenger hunt for select Uprising AR Cards.

Finally, playable demos of Mario Kart 7 and a smattering of 3DS eShop titles (Ketzal’s Corridors, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Pushmo, and Sakurai Samurai: The Art of the Sword) will be available at the Nintendo booth (#412) all weekend long.

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Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir announced for the 3DS

Nintendo of America has announced that they’ll be releasing Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir in North America on Friday, April 13. This handheld horror game incorporates all of the tricks of the 3DS, including the camera functionality and, of course, the augmented reality. The game “introduces a mysterious girl named Maya who has been hiding in the shadows of an old house. Players must help Maya break free from a terrifying curse by aiding her escape from the clutches of a malevolent woman in black. By using the 3DS system’s built-in camera, players can view Maya in their own surroundings as the game’s eerie events unfold.”

Sound creepy? Add in there the “diary of faces,” the 16-page AR book, which can bring everything from movies reliving moments from the past to enemies coming alive and attacking. Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, said “Everywhere [Nintendo 3DS owners] go, they’ll be able to transform their real-world surroundings into a chilling hand-held adventure.”

You can find out more about this spooky game at the website. I’m looking forward to getting the pants scared off of me on the next Friday the 13th. Come to think of it, didn’t we just have one of those? *Cue creepy music*

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