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Gaikai offering public demos of Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, and more

Cloud computing and game streaming sure have come a long way, and today Gaikai is offering public demos of the service for some of the hottest titles out. Going to their official website can give you access to the Mass Effect 2 demo via pop up, provided your connection is fast enough and you have the latest Flash and Java updates (more info here). It seems to be all EA titles available now, as you can check out The Sims 3 and Spore on the service at the links provided. Completing the survey here unlocks access to the Dead Space 2 demo. Oh, and Second Life is currently running as well. It’s recommended you access the service via a wired connection.

Streaming game services like Gaikai and OnLive have been touted by some as the future of the industry, a kind of no-console utopia. The service is currently in beta to select members, and they plan to start embedding demos of games onto news sites like the one you’re currently visiting right now.

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