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Nintendo adds a dozen titles to budget-priced Nintendo Selects line including Super Mario 3D World, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D


Nintendo only rarely adds new titles to their budget-priced Nintendo Selects line, so it’s always big news when they do. Today, the consolemaker confirmed that eight games on the Wii U and 3DS will receive price drops in the near future, including fan favorites like Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

Wii U Games

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • NES Remix Pack
  • Pikmin 3
  • Super Mario 3D World

3DS Games

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Mario Party: Island Tour
  • Yoshi’s New Island

Nintendo also announced plans to reissue Super Mario All-Stars (a compilation includes Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World) for the Wii, as well as dropping the price on an additional trio of Wii classics:

Wii Games

  • Animal Crossing: City Folk
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Super Mario All-Stars
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2

All of these new additions to the Nintendo Selects line will be available from retail locations beginning March 11 for $19.99.

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Super Mario All-Stars returns to stores on March 13

Nintendo’s Wii re-release of Super Mario All-Stars this past December sold out almost as fast as stores could stock it. And gamers looking to play Mario’s original adventures with a 16-bit makeover were left hanging as no new copies were in sight

But it looks like Nintendo plans to reissue the compilation next month with a limited “final” print run beginning on March 13. So if you want to own Super Mario All-Stars for your Wii, you better plans to skip work/school on March 13 now.

In addition to a game disc containing Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3, the All-Stars package include a 32-page Super Mario History book featuring “interviews, behind-the-scenes details and rare concept art” as well as a soundtrack CD featuring music from the entire series.

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Nintendo considers reprinting sold-out Super Mario All-Stars

While video game companies don’t usually understand the concept of “Limited Edition,” one company does for sure: Nintendo. Their limited run of the 25th anniversary Super Mario All-Stars that came out for the Wii on December 12th is impossible to find. That is, it’s impossible to find at its original suggested retail price of $29.99 and goes for as much as $80 right now on eBay (it’s currently hovering between $68 and $90 on Amazon). But we have good news – you can save all those coins you painstakingly collected. Nintendo’s director of public relations Marc Franklin told that the company is considering “bringing this item back at a later date.”

It’s easy to see why the collection sold out so quickly – it’s not just an updated version of Mario’s first four adventures. It also came with a history booklet and an audio CD full of those nostalgic tunes. If you missed out the first time around, definitely get on this when it comes back. It’s a lot of bang for your buck – or I guess you could say it’s a lot of fire power for your coins.

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