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Super Mario Crossover 2.0 released – now with more characters!

Nostalgic nerds rejoice! Super Mario Crossover 2.0 has been released into the wild. Watch the trailer above for some of the highlights.

Don’t know what Super Mario Crossover is? I’ll give you a moment to get over your shame.

You can play through an old school Mario game while shooting Goombas as Mega Man. You can jump around as if you were playing Ninja Gaiden, filling enemies with shuriken. In short, SMC is a Flash recreation of Super Mario Bros. with other characters you know and love along for the ride – including Simon Belmont, Link, and Samus. And you can do all of this while listening to your favorite tunes from those old Mario games.

Read all about what went into 2.0 over at Exploding Rabbit, written by creator Jay Pavlina. Then go play it for hours.

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