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Super Mario Run Version 2.0 now available for Android and iOS devices

Even though the official release date for Super Mario Run‘s Android debut is March 23, Nintendo just announced that its now available download on the popular mobile platform a day early.

Along with launching Super Mario Run on Android devices, Nintendo has also updated the app to Version 2.0.0. Players new and old will now be able to unlock a quartet of new colors for Yoshi (purple, yellow, blue, and red), which they can use to better impress Toads of that particular color.

Version 2.0.0 includes a number of enhancements for players using the Free Version of Super Mario Run. It’s now possible to unlock World 1-4 in the Free Version by completing one of “Bowser’s Challenges,” and players who complete World 1-4 will receive access to additional courses in Toad Rally.

All players will be happy to learn that Nintendo has also made it easier to earn Rally Tickets, and new buildings will soon be available as part of an upcoming in-game event.

You can read the full update for yourself after the break. (more…)

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Super Mario Run Version 2.0 will be available on iOS and Android devices on March 23

Nintendo previously promised that Super Mario Run would dash its way onto Android devices in March… and now it’s official. Yesterday, the publisher announced (via Twitter) that Android users will be able to download Mario’s mobile debut on March 23.

Nintendo is also hard at work on the latest update for Super Mario Run, and it’ll also be available on March 23 for both Android and iOS users. “Version 2.0.0” will add new playable characters to the game, as well as a Bowser’s Challenges mode. Players who complete Bowser’s Challenges will be able to unlock World 1-4 in Super Mario Run’s free version.

Nintendo also said that Version 2.0.0 will include even more new content, but assured fans that more details will be revealed at a later date.

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Super Mario Run Review: Nintendo’s Got A Winner After Plumbing New Depths on iOS

Whether you’re a video game fan looking for more games on the go or a stock market analyst fixated on profit margins, you’ve likely spent the last few years wondering when Nintendo would finally break into mobile game development. Earlier this year, the consolemaker dipped their toe into those waters with the Miitomo communication app, but now they’re finally ready to dive into that big blue ocean with their first mobile game, Super Mario Run. (more…)

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Super Mario Run tallies 40 million downloads in 4 days; Friendly Run mode launches

While fans still don’t know exactly what to make of the it, Super Mario Run was destined to become a financial success from the second it was announced. And this morning, Nintendo made it official, announcing that the iOS-exclusive game was downloaded 40 million times in its first four days of availability.

According to Apple’s Phil Schiller, Super Mario Run’s launch weekend performance set an iOS App Store record for most downloads in a four-day period.

However, the publisher didn’t reveal exactly how many of those curious iOS owners purchased the $9.99 “Full Upgrade” option to unlock all of Super Mario Run’s content. And for those that haven’t taken the plunge yet, perhaps a new mode will do the trick.

This morning, Nintendo pushed out an update for Super Mario Run that adds a Friendly Run mode to the game. Similar to Toad Rally, Friendly Run mode is an asynchronous multiplayer race that lets players challenge their friends without using their limited supply of Rally Tickets (but the mode also makes it impossible to win more Toads). Even without any stakes, players are still limited in the number of Friendly Run races they can compete in per day (up to five if you’ve completed World 2).

Super Mario Run was added to the iOS App Store on December 15 and it’ll be available to download for Android devices sometime in 2017.

UPDATE: Nintendo announced (via Twitter) that Super Mario Run just passed 50 million downloads. And as a thank you, all players will receive 10 free Rally Tickets.

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Nintendo won’t release post-launch DLC for Super Mario Run

Million of people have downloaded Super Mario Run since it launched on the iOS App Store last week, but it looks like Nintendo doesn’t have any plans to add additional content to the game in the weeks and months ahead.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, a Nintendo representative said, “The company [doesn’t] plan to release additional content, either free or paid.”

However, Nintendo did release a series of holiday-themed Decorations for the game’s “Kingdom Builder” mode earlier this week, so perhaps this decision isn’t as set in stone as it sounds.

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Nintendo Download: Super Mario Run, Picross E7, Excitebots, more

This Spring’s Miitomo was a fun experiment, but Nintendo is truly kicking off their mobile push today with the launch of Super Mario Run. The “one-handed” platformer will include dozens of levels, a multiplayer versus mode, and a Kingdom Builder mode for players interested in creating their own Mushroom Kingdom.

Also available to download this week on the Wii U is Excitebots: Trick Racing, which was originally released for the Wii in 2009. Swapping out motorcycles for customizable robots, Excitebots features 25 different courses and a huge selection of stunts.

Finally this week, the seventh Picross E game is now available to download through the 3DS eShop. Picross E7 is the latest game in the “Picture Crossword Puzzle” series and the first with 20×15 “Mega Picross” puzzles.

More information on all of these games can be found after the break. (more…)

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Super Mario Run won’t be released for the Nintendo Switch


Even though the Nintendo Switch will sport a tablet-style screen, it’s looks like the consolemaker’s upcoming mobile titles will stay on mobile platforms… for now, at least.

Speaking to CNET, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed the company has no plans to bring Super Mario Run to the Switch. Set to launch for iOS devices on December 15, Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling that can be played with one hand, and Fils-Aime said the game was designed to be played on a mobile screen:

“Development for Super Mario Run is different than development for Nintendo Switch [the company’s all-new Wii U successor, coming in March 2017]. With Switch we’re going to have a variety of input devices, a variety of ways for you to interact with the game. Here, it’s all the screen. So it’s a different type of development challenge. But at the core, our developers are looking to create content that you really can’t get anywhere else, you can’t experience anywhere else…that’s a core philosophy that’s going to continue.”

Fans got a quick look at Mario’s first adventure for the Switch as part of the console’s “First Glimpse” unveiling back in October. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about it during Nintendo’s Switch presentation on January 12.

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Nintendo unveils new Super Mario Run trailer and live-action commercial

Jimmy Fallon got to show off his prowess at Super Mario Run on yesterday’s episode of The Tonight Show. But Nintendo also unveiled a brand new trailer for one of their first mobile projects yesterday, giving fans a look at the game’s three modes.

Players will guide Mario through the game’s main mode, collecting coins and bashing enemies before they reach the flagpole. But in “Toad Rally,” players will compete against each other to impress the most Toads and win the match. Finally, “Kingdom Builder” will give players the chance to spend their hard-earned coins and construct their own personal Mushroom Kingdom. It’s even possible to unlock bonus characters such as Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad in “Kingdom Builder.”

In addition to Super Mario Run’s new trailer, Nintendo also announced that fans can try it out early by visiting a demo kiosk at their local Apple Store all week. Finally, the company also revealed a live-action commercial to promote the game, and you can find it after the break.

Super Mario Run will be available for iOS devices on December 15. Android users will be able to download it beginning in 2017. (more…)

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