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Xbox Store Today: The Bridge, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey


“M.C. Escher meets Isaac Newton” is how developer The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild describes their puzzle platformer The Bridge. After debuting on the PC in 2013, the game eventually worked its way over to the Xbox 360 later that year. Now, its available for the Xbox One (through the Xbox Games Store) and its sure to please fans of puzzle platformers everywhere.

Also available today is Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, a comical baseball sim that actually offers “a deep baseball simulation with accurate physics and comprehensive statistics tracking.”

Finally, Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is a Kinect-powered puzzle platformer that asks players to contort their bodies to create platforms for the titular Commander Cherry.

More information about all of these games is available after the break. (more…)

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Super Mega Baseball goes into Extra Innings on PC, Xbox One this Summer

Where have you gone Baseball Stars? It’s not quite as famous as Joe DiMaggio, but the goofy spirit of SNK’s classic baseball game lives on in Super Mega Baseball, a well-received adaptation of the grand old game that was released for the PS3 and PS4 last year. Today, Metalhead Software announced plans to bring the game to the PC and the Xbox One this Summer as Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings.

For now, the “Extra Innings” content includes two additional stadiums and a variety of gameplay tweaks and simulation enhancements. And if you purchased the game on a PlayStation platform last year, don’t worry, all of these changes will be made available to PS3 and PS4 players in a free update.

“Right now there are few options for quality, accessible sports titles on the market, particularly when it comes to baseball games on the Xbox One and PC,” said Metalhead co-founder Scott Drader. “We’re really looking to put this genre back on the map for more casual fans, especially the younger generation of gamers who haven’t had access to the types of games that were common during their parents’ generation. Games that could introduce a sport to the uninitiated and turn them into fans for life.”

In addition to its foundation as a realistic simulation with a comical presentation, Super Mega Baseball will include local play for up to four players, “fine-grained control of the difficulty,” a leveling system, and complete player customization.

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Metal Gear Solid 4, Tetris Ultimate, Super Mega Baseball, more added to PS Store


The PlayStation Store is about to get a little more ordered as Tetris Ultimate is now available to download on the PS4. There’s just something about a steady stream of falling Tetris pieces that makes me want everything organized, so here are the rest of this week’s addition to the store in handy list format:

  • Guilty Gear Xrd Sign (PS3, PS4) – Arc System Works’ latest entry in the popular fighting franchise brings the Guilty Gear universe to the PS4 for the first time.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) – Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece is finally available to download from the PlayStation Store.
  • Super Mega Baseball (PS3 + PS4 Cross-Buy) – A Baseball Stars-like return to the diamond. Everybody remember Baseball Stars, right?
  • Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD (Vita) – The second Oddworld game has been remastered and remade for the Vita.
  • Loadout (PS4) – A free-to-play shooter that tasks you with building your character via the types of guns they carry.

You can read more about all of these games after the break. And, as always, a complete rundown of this week’s new game add-ons and temporary discounts is available at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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