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Super Mario Crossover creator has Kickstarted development of an original game

There are so many Kickstarter game projects these days that it is becoming harder and harder to choose which ones to support.

Exploding Rabbit, led by Jay Pavlian, has been making games for a while now, most famously Super Mario Bros Crossover. While that game was fun, it was also ripping off a number of character’s other people had created. Thankfully, Exploding Rabbit has taken what they love about retro gaming and made it into something fresh – Super Retro Squad.

The 2D scrolling platformer will feature eight original characters, although each is heavily inspired by historical characters from the heyday of 8-bit games. The game features over 40 levels stretched across eight worlds, each of which is based on one of the playable characters. As well as implementing an equipment and upgrade system, the game will include a story that tells the tale of these eight heroes.

As Exploding Rabbit is working for free, they are looking for donations to upgrade their development software, as well as equipment that will allow them to develop the game for Android and Apple systems. Rewards for pledging are as simple as a copy of the game to being able all the way to being able to write dialogue for NPCs.

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