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Bandai Namco is “pretty far” into development of Tekken X Street Fighter

tekkenxstreetfighterteaserRemember Tekken X Street Fighter? If you were worried Bandai Namco had forgotten all about their crossover fighting game, don’t be, Tekken Series Producer Katsuhiro Harada recently told Famitsu (via Siliconera) that the game is deep into development:

“I’ve been saying this since before, but the fact of the matter is that we’re at a pretty far stage into [Tekken X Street Fighter’s] development.”

“It might seem like we haven’t started on it at all, but the character lineup has been decided upon since a very long time ago, and we’ve already finished the polygon models, moves, and systems.”

Originally announced in 2010, and barely mentioned in the half-decade since, Tekken X Street Fighter appears to be closer now than its ever been before. We still don’t know many concrete details, but progress is apparently being made. Harada’s busy schedule is likely the cause for the game’s delay, as Harada recently oversaw the development of Tekken 7 and Pokken Tournament. With both of those games ready to make their arcade debut, the developer can now turn his full attention to Tekken X Street Fighter.

Street Fighter X Tekken has been available since 2012.

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Tekken X Street Fighter STILL not canceled… but no progress update at Comic-Con 2014

tekkenxstreetfighterteaserAfter the announcement of Tekken 7, it would be easy to assume that Bandai Namco’s focus has drifted elsewhere, but the publisher reconfirmed to Siliconera that Tekken X Street Fighter hasn’t been canceled. Series Producer Katsuhiro Harada revealed that the game is still in development and “moving forward,” but that “it needs its own spotlight.” He also asked fans to relax.

While Harada has confirmed that the game is still in development, there hasn’t been much to excite fans over the years. First announced at Comic-Con 2010 (alongside Street Fighter X Tekken), the game is expected to be a 3D fighter that merges the Tekken and Street Fighter universes. A year later, Harada admitted that Bandai Namco hadn’t even started development yet. Last year, the producer said the game was so shrouded in secrecy that he couldn’t talk about it.

It exists, and that’s probably all we’re getting for now. If it’s still in development for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (or moved to the PS4/Xbox One) remains to be seen.

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Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development

tekkenxstreetfighterteaserIt’s hard to believe it’s only been three years since Namco Bandai announced Tekken X Street Fighter alongside Street Fighter X Tekken crossover. But it’s true.

Both titles were first unveiled at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con and while Capcom’s contribution has come and gone, we’ve barely heard a peep out of Namco Bandai about their half of the project. Katsuhiro Harada, a Producer on the Tekken series, broke the silence by speaking to Siliconera this weekend.

According to Harada, the game is still in development: “We will say first off that the game is still in development, so you don’t need to worry about that.” However, Harada also said that Namco Bandai has no desire to talk about the game or its possible roster publicly: “We are making progress, but everything is secret so we can’t say anything about that.”

I suppose we should be thankful that Namco Bandai has even started development on Tekken X Street Fighter.

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Namco Bandai “hasn’t started” Tekken X Street Fighter

Here’s a bit of a surprise. With Capcom hard at work on Street Fighter X Tekken (the publisher is targeting an early 2012 release date), Namco Bandai has revealed that they haven’t even started working on Tekken X Street Fighter.

Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada talked to CVG yesterday at the company’s Level Up event, where he broke the bad news:

“We really haven’t started on Tekken X Street Fighter. Things are going well with Street Fighter X Tekken and we’ll have more on that at E3. We hope you look forward to that.”

So I guess we got that going for us. Which is nice.

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Capcom, Namco won’t interfere with the other’s Street Fighter/Tekken crossover game

While Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat is still just a pipe dream of teenagers from the 90s, Capcom and Namco Bandai are moving full speed ahead with their Street Fighter and Tekken throwdowns.

But if you were worried that making two separate games based on the battle would be overkill, fear not, because apparently the two publishers have agreed not to interfere with anything the other does with one of their most sacred franchises. Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono recently sat down with The Guardian to promote Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition and delivered the news in the awesome way that only he can:

When we first decided to go ahead with this project we agreed not to interfere with each other at all! So Namco Bandai has no say in anything we do in Street Fighter X Tekken and vice versa for Tekken X Street Fighter – we have no idea what that’s going to look like and we cannot object to whatever Namco does!

If they go down the Dead or Alive route and Chun-Li comes out rather sexy, we STILL can’t say anything!

This news was already awesome, but Ono’s example showing just how much freedom each developer has in developing their “X” game is something you rarely see in inter-company crossovers.

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