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Splatoon-themed Tetris 99 Maximus Cup is coming this weekend

Nintendo will host the fifth Maximus Cup for Tetris 99 players this weekend, and high-scoring participants will be able to unlock a colorful Splatoon Theme for the online puzzler. Created to celebrate Splatoon 2‘s upcoming “Final Splatfest,” the theme is dripping with ink and it even deploys the distinctive Splatoon font for in-game text.

The Splatoon-themed Maximus Cup will begin on Friday, July 12, at 3:00 AM (Eastern Time) and run for a full four days, concluding on Tuesday, July 16, at 3:00 AM (also Eastern Time). Players can expect to see the same point scale from previous Cups, and they’ll need 100 points to unlock the Splatoon Theme. Each win is worth 100 points, but participants can also nab precious points for 2nd Place (50), 3rd Place (30), 4th-10th range (20), 11th–30th (10), 31st–50th (5), and 51st–80th (2).

As always, you must be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to compete in Tetris 99’s Maximus Cup events.

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Big Block DLC adds a single-player Practice Mode and Marathon to Tetris 99; 3rd Maximus Cup scheduled for May 17-20

Nintendo has pushed out a big new update for Tetris 99 that finally gives players the option to play offline… but it’ll add a cost to the otherwise free-to-play game.

The Big Block DLC Pass has been priced at $9.99, and it includes a single-player Marathon Mode, as well as a CPU Battle Mode that gives players the chance to practice against the computer before venturing online against live competition. The Pass will also include access to a mysterious third mode that will be released sometime before the end of the year.

Tetris 99’s signature online battle royale will remain free-to-play with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Nintendo also announced that Tetris 99’s third Maximus Cup will kick off on Friday, May 17. The competition will begin at 3:00 AM (Eastern Time) and continue until Monday, May 20, at 3:00 AM (Eastern Time). The third Maximus Cup will be another “Point Stacking Challenge,” and the consolemaker will award points to players who finish a match anywhere in the Top 80:

Points Table for Tetris 99 3rd Maximum Cup
1st Place: 100
2nd Place: 50
3rd Place: 30
4th-10th Place: 20
11th–30th Place: 10
31st–50th Place: 5
51st–80th Place: 2

In celebration of Tetris‘s 35th anniversary, players who collect at least 100 points will unlock a Theme that reskins Tetris 99 to more closely resemble the original Game Boy game.

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Nintendo’s second Tetris 99 Maximus Cup tournament will switch up the rules this weekend

Nintendo has announced that Tetris 99‘s second Maximus Cup event will take place this weekend… but dedicated players of the puzzle battle royale will need to do more than chase victories if they want to come out on top.

Unlike last time, this weekend’s Maximus Cup is a “Point Stacking Challenge,” and Nintendo will reward points for finishing a match anywhere in the Top 80. Naturally, a win will net you the most points (100), but earning 2nd Place (50) or 3rd Place (30) will also add a hefty bump to your tournament tally. Additional points will be awarded for finishers in the 4th-10th range (20), as well as 11th–30th (10), 31st–50th (5), and 51st–80th (2). Any player KOed below that threshold will receive 0 points for the match.

The 999 players who score the most points in the “Point Stacking Challenge” will receive 999 My Nintendo Gold Points (equal to $9.99 in credit on the Nintendo eShop).

This weekend’s Tetris 99 Maximus Cup will begin on Friday, April 12, at 9:00 AM (Eastern Time) and conclude on Monday, April 15, at 3:00 AM (Eastern Time).

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Warp Zoned Wish List: What We Want from Tetris 99’s Future Updates

Tetris 99 is already a tremendously-addictive puzzle game, but after participating in this past weekend’s Maximus Cup, I’ve been thinking a lot about its future.

After its launch, Nintendo promised that Tetris 99 would (like all “Battle Royale” games) receive regular updates, and if I had my way, the consolemaker would add these features to the puzzle game as soon as possible… (more…)

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Tetris 99’s “Maximus Cup” event will take place March 8-10

Gird your lines, Nintendo has announced that the first special online event for Tetris 99 will take place this weekend. The Tetris 99 “Maximus Cup” will begin on Friday, March 8, at 8:00 AM (Eastern Time) and continue until Monday, March 11, at 3:00 AM (Eastern Time).

Switch owners who compete in the “Maximus Cup” are looking for First Place finishes, and the 999 players with the most wins will receive 999 My Nintendo Gold Points (valued at $10):

Win first place (you’ll see TETRIS MAXIMUS on the results screen when you do) as many times as you can! After the event, the top 999 players with the most TETRIS MAXIMUS wins will be notified, and will each receive 999 My Nintendo Gold Points!

Tetris 99 is now available through the Switch eShop as a free download for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Good luck to everyone who enters the tournament!

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Tetris 99 Review: Nintendo Transforms the King of Puzzle Games Into Battle Royale-ity

How do you talk about video games in 2019 without mentioning the “Battle Royale” genre? While players have been fighting to be the last one standing since the early 90s, it’s obvious that games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have transformed how people play multiplayer games.

But it was only a matter of time until Nintendo entered the fray and shook up the “Battle Royale” genre with their own take. The consolemaker has never been quick to react to gaming’s biggest trends, but their unique style has been moving the conversation around games in wildly divergent directions for decades. They zig where others zag, and we’re all better off for it.

Which brings us to Tetris 99, a 99-player variant of the popular puzzle game that’s now available to download through the Nintendo eShop. (more…)

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Tetris 99 turns the puzzle game into a battle royale on the Switch… and it’s out now

Nintendo absolutely blew up the battle royale genre with today’s announcement of Tetris 99.

The consolemaker teamed up with The Tetris Company to create a massive 99-player version of the classic puzzle game, and it’s available to download now as a free-to-play title for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Tetris 99 is rather bare bones at the moment, but Nintendo has plans to support the game down the road with a series of upcoming online events and other updates.

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