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Dark Tower video game in the works

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is being made into a movie slated for a May 2013 release and, what’s more, there’s also a video game in the works, according to Ain’t It Cool News. They said the game will be “very ambitious” and that it will “further utilize elements from the books.” As a huge fan of the books, I’m nervous and excited about both the movie and the idea of a game, but I have no clue how they’re going to translate any of it to the big screen or my home console. Also, if Javier Bardem really is going to be playing Roland Deschain, I am going to cry, because his performance in No Country for Old Men scared me so efficiently that I can’t even look at pictures of him without thinking he’s going to come to my house with one of those bolt gun things and kill me with it, and/or brutally choke me to death while looking like a crazed lunatic.


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