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The Last Story is XSEED’s most successful game ever; price drop announced

Nintendo is the proud publisher of some of the bestselling video games of all time. Super Mario Bros. 3 has sold 18 million copies. Wii Fit has moved 22 million. The original Super Mario Bros. produced 40 million in sales as the pack-in game for the NES. Wii Sports has done 80 million in sales due to a similar arrangement with the Wii. A little RPG like The Last Story never stood a chance.

So Nintendo passed on publishing the game in North America and XSEED Games stepped in. Since its August release, The Last Story has gone on to become XSEED’s most successful game release ever. Though it surely hasn’t sold anywhere in the neighborhood of Nintendo’s biggest hits.

Sales figures for The Last Story weren’t released, but XSEED plans to celebrate by publishing a second printing of the game at a new low price of $29.99.

This new edition won’t contain the art book or the custom packaging of the Special Edition, but if you can still find that in stores, it’s received a price drop as well. The limited Special Edition can now be had for $39.99.

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New Releases: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders II, More

The Summer is coming to a close and we finally have some huge new releases to play.

Don’t get greedy, but New Super Mario Bros. 2 and its coin-tastic premise will be available this week for the 3DS.

Also available this week is the apocalyptic side-quel Darksiders II (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) and the Hong Kong-set crime story Sleeping Dogs (PC, PS3, Xbox 360).

Finally, Hironobu Sakaguchi brings his The Last Story to North America. Wii owners and Operation Rainfall supporters will surely be pleased.

Want a few more new releases? They’re after the break. (more…)

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The Last Story makes its way to America on August 14

After teasing us with a “Summer 2012” launch date, XSEED Games has finally pinned down a finalized release date for The Last Story. The Wii RPG, which was developed at Mistwalker under the supervision of Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, will be available in North America on August 14. Best of all? It’ll also come bundled with a soundtrack CD:

Two down… one more to go…

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Xenoblade Chronicles finally out in US on April 6; XSEED to publish The Last Story

Operation Rainfall supporters, take a bow.

Nintendo has announced that Xenoblade Chronicles will be released exclusively through GameStop on April 6. In addition to the release date, Nintendo has revealed that the game will be packaged in the beautiful (and fan-chosen) wraparound cover to your left. Click on the cover to get a larger look at it.

But that’s not all! Nintendo also announced that XSEED has picked up the North American publishing rights to The Last Story. No release date was announced, but it’ll be available this year, sometime after the release of Xenoblade Chronicles.

“Together, these two games level up the excitement for RPG fans in America,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “Whether roaming the vast landscape of Xenoblade Chronicles or choosing crossbows to battle with or against companions in The Last Story, gamers will recognize these titles as benchmarks for the genre.”

Is Pandora’s Tower next? I’d bet good money we’ll see it sometime before the end of 2012.

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New trailer for The Last Story shows off game mechanics

The Last Story is looking better and better with each passing moment. In the latest trailer, we get to see game mechanics, including some awesome battle scenes – as well as some of the customization options. The music is haunting, the graphics are beautiful, and the collector’s edition looks gorgeous. It’ll be released in Europe February 24, with a North American release hopefully soon to follow.

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The Last Story gets gorgeous limited edition in Europe

Nintendo has announced a ludicrously awesome exclusive limited edition bundle for the European release of The Last Story. The limited edition will have the game, an exclusive SteelBook cover, and “The Elements Of The Last Story” package, including the soundtrack (seven songs from the game composed by the talented Nobuo Uematsu) and an art book of illustrations.

The Last Story will be available in Europe exclusively for the Wii on February 24. Hopefully an American release is soon to follow.

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The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower coming to Europe in 2012

Nintendo of Europe has revealed their latest release schedule, and at the very, very bottom, there are two names we’ve all been hoping to see: The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. The release date just says “Coming to Europe in 2012.”

I know it’s too soon to crack out the champagne bottle, and that we can’t consider Operation Rainfall a success just yet, but I have to admit, I let out a whoop of joy when I saw this. I understand that Nintendo doesn’t have to cater to us, but in the end, we are the hardcore gamers Nintendo keeps saying they want to please, the ones who have been desperately importing games and playing ROMs for years. Why not give in to the untapped potential that is our undying love for your quirky JRPGs… not to mention our wallets, which have Zelda maps on them? (No, seriously. My wallet really does.)

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Xenoblade still missing from Nintendo’s latest game calendar

It was a long shot, but it looks like Nintendo has decided to ignore Operation Rainfall’s campaign to bring Xenoblade to America. The publisher has released a game release calendar for the remainder of 2011 and the Monolith Soft-developed RPG wasn’t on it.

Also missing from the list were The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower, two other Nintendo-published Wii titles that Operation Rainfall had set their sights on.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has shot down the hopes of a North American localization for Xenoblade, The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower in America. A company spokesman revealed that Nintendo had “no plans” to publish the games back in June.

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