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PSN Today: Simpsons Arcade, Gotham City Impostors, Jak & Daxter Collection, More

Sony has pulled out another of their patented “kitchen sink” updates of the PlayStation Store. This week sees the release of three major PSN games (the long-awaited Simpsons Arcade Game, hitman game Shank 2, and multiplayer shooter Gotham City Impostors) as well as all three games from the Jak and Daxter Collection.

Speaking of the Jak and Daxter Collection, the complete package is available from the Full PS3 Games section as well as the sexually charged Catherine, tennis sim Top Spin 4, and the bricktastic Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

Rounding out the new releases is the PS2 Classic SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie. And don’t forget that The Simpsons Arcade Game is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers (as well as Final Fantasy V). Oh, and the first episode of “The Tester” season three is now available.

Yup, kitchen sink time. You can find out more about all these new releases after the break. And for a complete listing of all of this week’s new game add-ons, head over to the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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Giveaway: The Simpsons Arcade Game (XBLA)

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered. We’ve picked our winners. If it was you, congrats! If it wasn’t, we’ll have another contest soon.

Are you an underachiever and proud of it? Then pay close attention to the following giveaway.

We have TWO Xbox Live Arcade download codes for The Simpsons Arcade Game. All you have to do to enter is write “Parents Brains” on a 3×5 card and mail it to…

Wait, wait, wait. That’s not right. All you have to do to enter is visit our Facebook page and comment on this status update. The winners will be chosen on Friday, February 10 at noon. Good luck and remember to try the three-eyed fish, it has a taste that can’t be beat!

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The Simpsons Arcade Game Review: D’oh That To Me One More Time

It has been a little more than two decades since The Simpsons Arcade Game debuted in arcades and threatened to siphon the quarters out of our pockets. Konami graced us with a fun beat ’em up starring one of television’s most beloved dysfunctional families back then and now it’s finally available to play on our consoles. Is nostalgia enough to grant the game some staying power or do we have to make it write “I will not be a sucky game” over and over on the blackboard? (more…)

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The Simpsons Arcade Game available on XBLA tomorrow

D’oh! I mean… woohoo!

Konami has confirmed that The Simpsons Arcade Game will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow thanks to a special Friday update. The publisher has priced the game at 40 quarters (that’s $10 or 800 Microsoft Points, if you prefer).

Konami has also confirmed that all PS3 owners will have a chance to play The Simpsons Arcade Game this Tuesday, February 7. But remember, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get it for free.

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Simpsons Arcade Game is free for PS Plus users starting next week

Even though it has still yet to be officially announced, Sony has revealed that The Simpsons Arcade Game will be available as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers beginning next week.

Not only is that radical news, but the classic beat ’em up kicks off an amazing month of PlayStation Plus freebies:

February 7

  • Final Fantasy V
  • Inferno Pool
  • The Simpsons Arcade Game

February 14

  • Battle Fantasia
  • Far Cry 2
  • Fatal Inertia
  • Hamsterball
  • Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom
  • Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars

February 21

  • Altered Beast
  • Comix Zone
  • Golden Axe
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Streets of Rage 2

More PlayStation Plus special offers for the month of February can be found at the PlayStation Blog. Sadly, it doesn’t include the date that non-Plus subscribers (or Xbox 360 owners) will get to play The Simpsons Arcade Game.

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Xbox Live Achievements for The Simpsons Arcade Game uncovered

Konami still hasn’t announced it, but sent their love down a well and came up with a dozen Xbox Live Achievements for The Simpsons Arcade Game.

The 12 Achievements lend further credence to the game’s existence as well as giving us a few hints about what to expect when Konami does finally announce it.

The “Mr. Sparkle” Achievement references a Survival Mode and the “Japanese ROM.” The Japanese version of The Simpsons Arcade Game featured a lower difficulty level and various other gameplay tweaks, so it looks like both will be playable in XBLA (and PSN) port.

Speaking of multiple difficulty levels, the “Excellent” Achievement confirms that in addition to the Japanese ROM the game will also include an Expert Mode and something called the “Individual Quarters Mode.”

Hit the jump to see the complete list of Achievements.
Hit the jump to see the complete list of Achievements.
Hit the jump to see the complete list of Achie… (more…)

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The Simpsons Arcade Game rated by Australian ratings board

Have a cow man! The Simpsons Arcade Game is finally (it was originally released in 1991!) getting a proper port on modern day consoles. The announcement was leaked by a recent rating on the Australian Classification Board website, which also reveals a few choice bits of information.

The Simpsons Arcade Game will be published by Konami (who also created the original arcade game) and developed by Backbone Entertainment (who also ported Konami’s classic X-Men Arcade). A PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade release wasn’t confirmed, but it seems likely. The rating certificate also mentions online play.

Since the show’s debut in 1989, more than 20 “Simpsons” video games have been released, but the arcade game has never received a proper port. A PC version was released in the early 90s, but it just wasn’t the same (remember when PCs were less capable than consoles?).

I can’t wait to be an underachiever (and proud of it) again.

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