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Topless golfers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11?

Here’s something that sounds almost too ridiculous to be true (because it probably is). UK tabloid The Sun (link includes uncensored version of above image) has posted an article revealing (hehehe) that players can create a topless character in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

The article is very short on details, but PS3 owner Jo Eley describes how she spent ages creating her character and then one day the avatar lost her clothes before stepping up to the tee. No explanation for the glitch was given and instructions on how Eley made her avatar play a round of strip golf weren’t included.

On the newly naked version of herself in the game, Eley said, “We couldn’t stop laughing. Now I can’t get rid of it. It could have been worse, she looks quite good and has bigger boobs than me.”

EA Sports, as you’d expect, blamed it all on “[modifications] as a result of hacking.” With the evidence we have so far, I think I agree with them.

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