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Bandai Namco’s Amusement division unveils first Time Crisis 5 “Dual Pedal” trailer

Who says the arcade is dead? Definitely not the organizers of the European Amusement and Gaming Expo, which was held in London last week. Bandai Namco was there and they presented Time Crisis 5 and its Dual Pedal system for the first time. The latest game in the light gun series is currently in development and will be available internationally soon. A console release has yet to be announced, but hopefully we’ll get lucky.

This newly released trailer showcases many of Time Crisis 5’s new features. The game’s Dual Pedal system allows players to sneak around to the left or the right to get a better shot at the terrorists attempting to pump them full of lead. In another first for the series, the Weapon Toggle button on the light gun will let players switch between four different weapons. Time Crisis 5 will include three stages, which will expand to six once development on the “True Mastermind Edition” is complete. For now, players will be able to blast their way through a tropical resort, sit in the gunner’s seat of a helicopter, and take part in a high speed motorcycle chase.

Time Crisis 5 should be available at an arcade near you (if there is an arcade near you) sometime this Spring.

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